Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New beginnings and the works.

The whole idea of New Year; new beginnings and the likes sounds very clichéd. This concept like most new age events is a culmination of shrewd marketing techniques. Yeah, so the New Year was here, everybody enjoyed, chapter closed.

This is my point of view: every day is a new day, there are no re-runs or re-telecasts, you cannot simply go back in time and avert what has already happened, if all of us had that power, we would be ‘perfect’ individuals today. But this would make life boring and awfully predictable. Picture perfect lives are best left to movies and fiction.

My new year’s was the same as last year, and last year was the same as the previous year. I don’t have a set pattern, I prefer to remain quiet. This time it was a little different- I had nothing to do. All these years, there was some random unit test or exam coming, and I had to study, or let’s put it this way- I had something to keep me occupied. This time around, I was left to making phone calls, answering them and gossiping. (Gossiping is one way to let off the steam.)

So, like all respectable jobless people, I sat down with a nice sheet of paper and wrote down resolutions, which I promise I will keep up, kept staring at the blank sheet. Ultimately slept right over it.

I don’t have a set of resolutions, but I intend to better myself, I’m not talking about becoming perfect though. Pardon the drama queen effect- but the year 2010 is very important to me in many ways.

Before I get all serious, I’ll remind myself of the fun factors. I have 6 months at my disposal; this will be my longest jobless period and I really wish and pray that it doesn’t extend itself beyond the tenure.

After a lot of serious thinking, I decided to divide my time judiciously between masti and serious work.

I can learn a lot of new stuff. The new microwave oven has arrived and it’s very inviting. Once we buy the ammunitions needed for baking, I will start Mission Baking! I should take my gymming sessions seriously- do some solid weight training. There is a project that carries no marks, and has to be completed in 6 months. I want to learn dancing!! If I manage to find a part time job, I will join dance classes. Apart from all this, I really want to learn something really really different.. Say playing the guitar? Maybe! :P

Now, let’s get to the serious stuff:

The MBA course officially ends in may, and the provisional certificates shall be issued in July. Before we get that far- there is a project that demands my full attention. The job market which is slowly looking up (very similar to the inching up we do in Yoga) the placement scene in college is not so happening.

One thing that scares everything out of me is the spine chilling thought that I will be stuck at home after June with absolutely nothing to do. The word ‘unemployed’ is something I dread. I'm not pinning all my hopes on the campus.

There are other responsibilities that I have to shoulder. I have to become the responsible, young adult who contributes to the family.

I’m vying for financial, social and economic independence which I hope gives me, my individualism and makes me a better human being in all respects.

That’s all folks!

Hope you had an amazing new year! :)


PS: there is a catch between baking and gymming. The effects of baking will be nullified by gymming. You get the drift.

PS1: Reading books, meeting people, and the regular activities are a part of the fun schedule.

PS3: You can pass on your suggestions too.


Anonymous said...

Ah ! nicely written ! may 2010 make your dreams come true, and may the independent strong woman become your label :)

and you are already so sure that your baking will lead to slurpy food ?? cause if it doesnt, you can always opt out of gymming :P

gitanjali.j said...

aww..not quite ! lets make 2010 POSITIVE!! thou shalt henceforth forget bad words like 'unemployed' :P we shall all get placed and go Shopping macha :D cheers!!! :D

ki said...

Gymming, dancing, yoga...we will become thin :D

sawan said...

looks like a SCHEDULE!! :) wish it all work out for u. all the very best for the job hunt :) wut domain are you looking at?

vEnKy said...

even my college ends in may :-(