Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heights of Fitness Freakism

Gomukhasan – aka the Cow pose. A very simple no nonsense asana, it is as simple as crossing one knee over the other. This was at 11.30 last night, when the fitness freak in me suddenly woke up. Yeah, I know I’m a little mad, but I had no idea I could be this mad. End result: I twisted my right knee, which promptly went into the swelling mode. 2 rounds of eucalyptus oil, moov massages, 1 Imol tablet and 12hrs later, the swelling refused to budge.

At 11 the next morning, I went doctor hunting. My Gynec had left for the day and the family physician had a huge line of patients. I went to the other lady doc in the same lane. Over the next ten mins, I recited the same thing I had been parroting all morning. I tried an asana and I hurt my knee.

She threw a couple of piteous glances at the swollen knee and gave me two options. A) Medicines – which take at least a week to show their effect. B) Two injections – back to back shots for immediate relief. I chose the latter, despite the fact that I hate them. Simply because, the wannabe workaholic realized that I have a presentation on Monday, and that the junta in the college was full of – heartless old men.

I braved myself, rolled up the tee and said here you lady; stick in the ammunition.

15minutes later, I had two injections on my lower back. Only consolation is; I did not cry. She asked me to see her 4hrs later for a re-check and guess what? She gave me two more injections

Good thing is that the presentation has been mailed to the Project Guide, and the HOD. I’ve conveyed the bad news that they would miss the opportunity of shredding me into little pieces.

Little did I realize that simply crossing my knees would cause a ligament tear. Bad things happen to good people. I feel like throwing up every now and then, thanks to the heavy doses of injections. I survived on bread and milk the whole day. No yoga or gymming for the next 7days. Forget it! Even walking is banned…

Inspite of all the cribbing, I’ve been yapping and messaging all day. And if old men insist that I have to attend the review on Monday, I’ll have to drag my mom along. You think it will add some sympathy? :P Hope it saves me from being shred.


PS: Karthik Calling Karthik songs are really nice. Is Karthik Gay? Then why is he calling his namesake? :P
PS1: If I'm asked to come to college on Monday, I will go limping limping and stand in front of the panel and say- "Aaj maine God se kuch nahi maanga, sirf haath jod kar is review keliye thank you bola" :P
PS2: Yes Gitu, you can also limp along, and say my Mom is taking care of you.
PS3: The lady in the picture is not me. I clicked on the first picture google threw at me.
PS4: I better go and sleep now. The medicinal trio effect has begun, I feel drugged already.


gitanjali.j said...

your yoga students are going to miss you macha :P but you sure deserve the HAVE been overworking yourself..visiting pharmacies and getting thrown out, for starters :P we rock \m/

gitanjali.j said...

your yoga students are going to miss you macha :P but you sure deserve the HAVE been overworking yourself..visiting pharmacies and getting thrown out, for starters :P we rock \m/

Anonymous said...

ligament tear sounds real bad. but hell, who in the world tries some insane yoga pose at 11.30 in the night ! ? crazy . hope the oldies go a bit easy on you. :P

Krishnan said...

Hahahahahahahahahha !!!!!!!!!!

Meow said...

take care.. but night la yoga is sure freaky... :P unnala matum dhan ipdi la pana mudiyum :P

sawan said...

may the pain be healed soon and may the old men show mercy on u :)

AM said...

I sympathize with u for the pain in yr knee and brain that the old men have caused however I cannot resist laughing out loud at our thoughts. And the P.Ss are just too funny and random... but funny. It's as if your thoughts were fed into a randomizer machine and when u pulled the lever, four thoughts were thrown back and the same were published on your blog. Way to go!