Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holidays and Families

Think national holidays- what comes to your mind first?

a) Lazy mornings

b) Good food

c) People at home

d) Quality time with the family

e) All of the Above

To me, it is all of the above.

Lazy mornings – are the best things about holiday. But what if you are on a perpetual holiday? What I thought would be one of those one month vacations has multiplied itself to 3 months and more.

I’ve been bumming around at home ever since; I have a project to work on, power yoga in the morning and gym in the evenings when I feel like it. I read sometimes, or randomly browse through websites, and cook when I’m in that mood, sleep like a pig, and the process repeats itself. The rest of the time I’m plain bored.

When you are in this holiday mode – project in college, and the company wants you to work from home, and you have no choice but to take their orders. Quoting Praseela’s oft quoted quote “If you rest, you will rust” I think that is slowly getting to me, the boredom, the mood swings, the tempers flying, that hopeless feeling and don’t forget that “emotional atyachar-ed” mood all the time... I know it’s not the right approach to life, but somehow things fail to fall into their respective places.

Good food – yes! There’s vengaya sambhar, potato curry and rasam. It makes no difference to me because the most favourite dish on the menu will never be offered to me. Why you ask?-diet I say! And I must admit that I’m doing a great job of staying off the potato chips as well.

People at home – Yeah, so today turns out to be a national holiday for my folks, and just another day for me. So, the scene looks nothing like a Sooraj Barjatya movie. All 4 of us are under the same roof, my dad is majorly cheesed off because, the branch he is auditing seems to have a lot of really bad accounts and he is screaming at a hapless manager. My mom thinks I’m ruining a little boy’s board prep, because I’m making Adi fill up my market survey questionnaire at gun point; she wants both of us to get back to studying. Fat chance! And I’m reasoning out with Adi why I will not buy him a RCB jersey, when I’m a diehard CSK fan.

When the scene at home looks like, you know what vetti people like me do? Bury their noses in a pillow sized Brealey Myers textbook! I thought I’d read Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series, but looking at Amma’s flaring temper, I settled for the Corp Finance textbook. Safe bet, and also makes me look like I’m reading something academic, and also saves me from the lecture sessions :D

Next time, when you have a holiday and there are people at home you know what to do- pick up that text and act like you are studying!

An afterthought, I never thought, I’d enjoy reading that Corporate Finance textbook. It is interesting! But that doesn’t make me a marketing traitor as yet ;)

Quality time with family will start at 4.30 and will continue until 12 tonight. I so wish CSK win today’s match! GO CSK GO!!

Ok, now Amma is walking towards the room to check on me and Adi.

I better get back to act-studying now :D



Anonymous said...

holidays for me meant getting up late at 10-11 AM only to eat hot bisi bele bath , add to that an arsenal of thayir pachadi and potato chips, a nice matinee old 60s-70s movie at K TV at 2 PM, then in the evenings play gully cricket !!

Ah ! Those days ! I surely miss them to no end !

Sigamani said...

Lets cheer up CSK from homes!

vEnKy said...

hey your wish has come true CSk truly tataanked KKR. After all that talk CSk played like Salpi sitankos

Arv said...

ok, now, I want my holidays :)

- The Virgin Author! said...

Holidays for me are simply wasting my time, when I could have done something sensible. But, nevertheless, they are fun. :P

Trails of a Traveler said...

Burying in a acadamic looking book is indeed a nice idea. It is different for me. If it were a one day holiday, I would have been out half the day with my camera!
Of course the lecture session will happen after returning for oor suthifying, but i will be too tired to hear anything.. :P