Sunday, March 21, 2010

My take on Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

VTV released almost a month back, a bunch of people loved it, some hated it, and people like me think it is absurd. The reviews were very mixed. I did like the movie in parts – ARR’s Music, the visuals and the sarees. My love ends here.

Before I begin, let me make my stand very clear – I am not anti love or an extremist, save the pink chaddis for another day or another person. I am all for soppy love stories with lots of mush, if it gets too mushy I will even shed a few tears if needed. VTV failed to strike that – oh my God, I feel like crying now moment.

Now I will tell you why I found the movie absurd.

a) There is no such thing called – love at first sight. Ten days back, I fell off the bike right in front of my mom’s office. A really cute looking guy held my hand, helped me get off the bike, switched off the ignition for me and put the bike in the parking lot. Tamil movies portray this as love at first sight right? Guy looks at girl, girl looks at guy, and then the guy breaks into a lovely song – hosanna in VTV. But none of it happened with me, the guy went away on his bike in his direction and me in mine after first aid. The guy did not run amok all over Besant Nagar looking for me. You get the drift? Stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life.

b) Stop demonising brothers – please! Honestly, brothers are the best things that have happened to girls. And Mr. Gautam Vasudev Menon, I’m quite serious about this. They are the only ones who’ll stand up for you when the whole family is against you and will make sure you feel better. They don’t go about beating guys.

c) Hindu-Christian, Tamil-Mallu. Inter religion Inter caste marriages don’t work out. Who told you that? Alaigal Oivadhillai released in 1980, when my dad was in his early 20’s. But things have changed now. I will give two examples to prove my point. Case 1: - Tamil Iyer guy – Spanish American girl. This guy turns out to be my cousin. My perima did fake a heart attack, but when you are convinced that he/ she is THE person, you can always convince the grey haired junta at home. Case 2: - Iyer guy again, Mallu Christian. This guy turns out to be a family friend’s son. He managed to convince the people. I mean, if staunch orthodox Iyers or tam-brahms can do it, you can do it too!

d) Parents are not monsters, mister. I’ll agree to the fact that we girls are scared to bits of our dads. But they’re not monsters. They are good natured men who only want the best for their little girlies. And there is nothing wrong in it. If you think you are right, you can always tell the appa character that this is what you want. They will not give in immediately, but eventually they will budge.

e) Why do you have so many clichés in the movie? Why does the hero have to name his move ONLY Jessie, Karthik nu peru vecha padam odatha? Love or affection or even that, deep emotion connect wears off over the years when you lose contact with that person. You will miss them a lot in the beginning and very soon they become just memories. People get over their exes in a matter of 3weeks, you are talking about 2yyrs. Konjam over ah ille?

f) All love stories need not have happy endings, but all love stories do not end because of parental opposition. There might be so many other things that can mar the progress, personal issues, ego clashes, and sometimes people just grow out of it.


I have another major doubt – why would a woman who hates movies, fly to god forsaken Madras to catch a flick?

Bottom line: Ulagathala evalavo padam irundhu, naa yen vinnaithandi varuvaya pathen?

Prash, thanks for saving 120 bucks for the ticket, 80 bucks for the food :P

Peace out!


sawan said...

i luvd VTV, so m gona take a sword here. ready for the battle? :P

[a] jessy was not the first womamn karthik saw in his life. its just tht he fell his pulse raised wen he saw her. maybe u wud feel the same wen u see the right guy and NOT any guy. the bike wala guy was NOT the right guy :)

[b] jessy's bro got hurt cos os a reason. m sure men are sensible enuf tese days to realise or understand wuts hapening before startin a fist fight. her bro din ask her wuts hapenin and hence the mess up.

[c]Hindu-Christian, Tamil-Mallu, Inter religion Inter caste marriages does work out, not in every family. ive seen hindu mallu- hindu mallu relationship not working out cos of caste barriers, forget inter religion. be realistic dearie, things happen in a case to case basis.

[d] not necessarily and its completely justified. parents have seen more life. if they believe things wudn work out in longer run, they wudn oblige. and ter are many parents out here who are really adament. and use exact words her dad used - "walk over my body". stop comparing the movie with the lifestyle uve seen around u. ask frenz, talk to random ppl, ull know the era of parental pressure still exists.

[e] u din want to write this reason yaar. i mean, look at it. it dsnt make any sense. it is his movie, he names it. and bout relationships, we are still blessed to see ppl hanging around for more than 8 years, 2 years is very less i say.

[f] now here u wrote something true. "all love stories do not end because of parental opposition", some does.

about ur doubt - fall in love, move out and wen u happen to talk to the guy again, ul know. no one cud make u understand that unless u feel it.

okies, m all set now. i even have a life insurance. so take ur sword :)

gitanjali.j said...

Macha, you are just SO OFF the point! Not even close! And my reaction is going to be longer than your post, but I will do this much for VTV.
1. If your cute bike guy was THE guy, he might have broken into hosanna. Maybe he was already committed. Look, even YOU did not feel the 'heart flutter' and 'the breeze' and blah blah. So that explains it.
2. Who demonised brothers? Brothers are protective. Period. My brother will murder anybody who makes a pass at me, that I know.
3. The movie is not about inter caste marriages not working out. It is about the girl Jesse, and her mindset. She could've chosen to run away with Karthik, it looked like the only available option. But she chose to ditch him instead, which is what you or I would do, too, given the same situation. It underlines the beauty of family ties. 'I'd rather have you hate me, than have them hate me'.
4. I'd agree with that.
5. Not for my life! I mean, Sandy, we are talking about someone's first love here! No way lady, it is not so easy to throw away. 3 weeks to forget someone who was so bloody close to you??!!Who ARE you, woman??!!
**peace** :)

ki said...

Time may not end all love stories but I disagree only there. For someone like me, who hungrily devours tamil flicks, this was a yawn fest. Neither made up their mind, the brother was TOO angry to make any sense and the guy (Karthik) wasn't convincing enough. The last 5-10 mins had all the story. Bhai bada waste of time tha.

Prashanth Rajan said...

Agree with the fact that some of the parts portrayed in the movie are a tad too stereotyped. Inter religion marriages are not too complicated these days. But People get over their exes in a matter of 3weeks ?? Hmm I don't think so. The movie obviously did have its own set of imperfections, but it had some good observations taken in from real life. Like break-ups always happen over some silly fight or some mis-communication :( . The climax could have been handled better though. gautam always messes up the climax. Always !

Vedha said...

high five! same bottom line was what i texted evry1 the moment i came out of the theatre...

vEnKy said...

I disagree with you completely. I didnt like the movie for different reason.

You have to understand that rare things do happen in life. So there point in saying that this or that wont happen.

simple people would used to say 200 in ODI is impossible but it was possible for Sachin. Rare things happen in this universe very frequently.

AS far i think the movies dialogues were really boring. Gautham has already said the movie is full of cliches so you cant blame him.

Second esp was very boring thanks to its very very uninteresting dialogues.

The only thing different in this film was its climax if you know it before then its a waste to watch

Arv said...

Agree on all points stated and the dozen more unstated ones... its garbage but yeah, I went for it too cos its the least stinking one but a crap movie still :P

Supraja said...

@vedha and sandy: BIG HI5

ki said...

Ha ha ha ha ha @ Anil. I'm not laughing at you, silly but at your vehemently supporting this love story. You're that romantic type na? The waiting for years type? But even then - ctory was maha cliched! It was predictable till the last few minutes and for those unfortunate people who knew the ending (I agree with Venky) what a waste!

sawan said...

woow sandi, u got an army here!! stil i stand by my words. luvd the movie for the feel it gifted. each moment, each scene, stolen glances, expressions, touch, words gifted me 2.5 hours of a good time,memories and the urge to fall in luv again. all i wanted :) so i vote for VTV.

Roo said...

Well, i dint lik the story much but yes it definitely stands apart for the music, cinematography and the art !! lovely :) But then sandy, as git told, the movie doesn't generalize any of the points u attempted to mention ! It jus portrays the life of one couple KARTHIK n JESSIE.. and wat happened in their life. And yes, the movie could've been titled Karthik.. Its a dedication of this guy to his love, so JESSIE :)

Nithya said...

Buddy, frankly I am not a great fan of that movie too. But I don't agree with all the faults you have said above.

a) Love at first sight does not happen with all and always. Come on.. you would have liked so many guys at first sight! it could start as lust and then love and so on... it has to start somehow na..

no comments about brothers. I don't have one. :)

c) You have given two examples of successful love stories in point c, whereas I can give you one million similar stories as VTV. Don't you agree that lot of girls are fickle minded and they really don't know what they want. Its really not just the reason of parents getting convinced, she is simply fickle minded.

d) Parents are not monsters. True. But not always. I have a friend who is really strong in her love and her life time decision, but till date(almost a year) her parents have not changed a bit. what do you say for this???

e) See the movie is centered on the heroine and not the hero. So its obvious he would name the movie as Jessy and you know what, its way fancier than Karthik ;) he he.. relax madam. One forgets their ex and the love only when they meet someone better than the ex. So probably Karthik dint meet anyone after that. Think simple ma. Its just 2 years and not 20. :) Pretty much possible.

f) Its just one case of a love story that has been portrayed in the movie and why do you expect it to be a generalization. Did Gautam Menon say all love stories end only because of parents???

Bottom line: Ulagathula yevalovo per Indha padatha rasikumbothu nee mattum yen ivalo thittara??? ;)

Enjoy the movie just as it is. Don't question too much. You wont like any of the movies then. :) Kavithaya rasikanum, aaraya koodathu. :)

I loved the movie for the way it has been picturized, the color schemes used, the costumes of the ppl, the songs, the way Jessy has been portrayed and so on..

Its just my view lady. Noting to hurt or argue. Okay :)

Trails of a Traveler said...

Nice thoughts Sandhya. Movies certainly do not work the way practical life does.
If one were take movies in par with practical life, then I am sure only 10% of the movies will be a hit - just my opinion..


Susan Deborah said...


Hello! Nice meeting you again through the comments' section of my blog. You have a nice lil' place here.

As for the post, you've mentioned cliches but don't cliches make the world go around. I still feel that you should be a wee bit kind to VTV. All boys went gaga over it in spite of Simbu not getting her in the end. Reason: They identified with him.

So far so good. I have not yet seen the film. All insights are from faithful story-tellers who saw the film.

Joy always :)

Sandhya said...

@ all of the above: I am lazy to type out individual comments. :P I'd like to clarify one thing - this is my opinion and everybody is entitled to their own.

Sandhya said...

@ Ram: thank you for dropping by. I'm not too sure if any film maker would go ahead and make a movie which depicts real life to its truest colours. It might be adapted, but people come to theatres or some like me watch it over laptops for the experience. And I really wouldn't mind watching realistic cinema.

Sandhya said...

@ Susan: Glad you recognised me! I know a lot of people who hated the movie, and I'm a part of that group. Clichés probably make the world move around, but too many clichés dumb down the viewer. Don't they?

revathyeaswar said...

I was finally decrypting the chart from the bloggers meet, and from the looks of it, I have found a treasure...
Honestly, I loved VTV , and was all prepared to give u a one on one on the same..
But looking at ur comments,looks like we could do a thesis for the movie..
So, I'll stop by just saying,
I enjoyed ur writing,even though I don't really agree with it

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

I liked the movie for a lot of reasons.

1. It didn't shove reality as 4 bearded men, who are in desperate need of a bath and shave and haircut running around in lungis with aruvaals...

2. It ACTUALLY had a story in it - a rarity in tamizh cinema these days.

But on a different track, you do write really well. If you can contribute reviews to, we would be much obliged!

Nirmal said...

Well, I think VTV is one of better movies in last couple of years released in Tamil.

If you claim VTV is bad then you must also tell what is the kinda movie you like/support.

1) Yes, but is there something called love?
2) Bro-sister is Gautham's touch.
3) & 4)Parents are quite open these days. But still there are so much resistances and they expect by default their wards to listen to them.
5) Thats where Gautham's movies. He reuses the dialogs but still they work out for him. To be frank,this ending is better than telugu ending thats why it worked in box office/

This movie was quite realistic in many senses to me. I do agree your views need not be popular but I go with popular opinion.

This is the best movie in recent times in Tamil Cinema.
Instead of watching movies like Singham or Sura, i would spend money to watch Gautham's movie any day.

Motormouth. said...

@Mr.Nirmal: Read the title once again, it says "My take on VTV". Which literally means, it's mine, and not a public opinion on the movie. I said, the movie did not appeal to me, and not that it was a badly made movie or anything of that sort. that's because I grew up in such an environment, where my folks are open to discussion.

I haven't watched Sura or Singam, I'm not a Vijay fan.

Thanks for dropping by.