Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laziness Redefined.

The dictionary defines holiday as a break or a time off from the maddening schedules. All of us enjoy long holidays once in a while, it gives us a chance to go on a vacation, visit folks, spend time with friends and basically laze around.

And the same dictionary defines lazy as being idle, indolent and lethargic. When you are on a holiday you laze around, when you are lazy – you start twiddling your thumbs.

When both of them come together – you are on your way to Madness City.

I seriously can’t believe that I was the girl who wailed from the roof-top about not been given enough holidays, I was miffed when the college mocked a 7-day off, calling it vacation! Now, I’m the same girl who terribly misses the grind.

The day after my exams got over, I decided to spend time “fruitfully”. I can’t stay put for too long, and I had chalked out sensible plans to kill time, too bad that none of them worked. With each passing day, I started missing the grind more and more. I would’ve happily agreed to attend more marketing and finance classes in lieu of sitting at home and staring at the walls.

The holiday period wasn’t entirely free, but it was when compared to the madness that we had been through in the last 1.5yrs. I had a project to finish up. Apart from that there was nothing much on the cards. As time passed by; I become lazier by the day. So lazy, that I could actually give Sid from Wake up Sid a run for his money. At least Sid took pictures of his feet, lying on the bed. I’m too lazy to pick up mobile and click a picture.

It’s been four long months – I’d sound really idealistic if I call this period a much deserved break.

What has come out of this break is – laziness. And my mom calls me that every morning, I won’t be surprised if she decided to replace sandy with lazy.

My day starts with yoga at 6.30, then I come back home read the papers, have breakfast, prepare lunch, do some reading about the project or read through Afaqs. I laze around, then have lunch, laze around again and then hit the gym in the evening. The laze around time is usually filled with gossiping over the phone, reminiscing about wasted time and opportunities, how lazy I’ve become and a lot of other random things.

I’m not crying out loud, but the void in me so consuming that a feeling of helplessness creeps over me.

I planned to get myself a library membership – the library next door had an overdose of mills and boons on their racks and that annoyed me. I have my friend's Bourne Series on my table, and I have not been able to rekindle that reading habit which the god-damned MBA took away.

I have 4 fresh glass pieces and I haven’t started painting on even one of them. I'll make it more interesting, I still haven't finished a friend's birthday gift which I started off sometime in December. There is a brand new black cloth, and I wanted to do some fabric painting. And none of these have materialised! My only activities worth mentioning through the day are – yoga, cooking, and gymming. I’ve cleaned my room thrice in the last four months, and the last time was when I had friends coming over.

If you still don’t agree that I’ve become lazy – here is more proof. It has taken me 4 days to transfer this draft from the word doc to the blogger page.

Peace out.

PS: Oh God, if you are reading this, please help me find a job ASAP. Boredom is becoming too much to handle.


gitanjali.j said...

You forgot this: You wouldn't answer the land line when I called you at that number because your bum wouldn't leave the bed. (LOL) And consider this: I wake up at 10 am. Breakfast. Loaf Around. Hit the bed at 1. Wake up again at 3. Lunch. Then its time for the post-lunch nap. Then I get up again and catch up with friends (Read-Gossip). I crib about my project. And my project Guide. Then its time for dinner. That's my day for you.And you call yourself lazy, woman? :D peace out! :P

Prashanth Rajan said...

You see sandy, there are some souls here who do a tad too much for the conservation of water. Even if it means shelling out loads of money for axe bottles. And you think you are the pinnacle of laziness ? Think again

knight said...

wow you actually cleaned your room three times in the last 4 months !!!!
mine looks like a forest now ,i think a family of monkeys relocated under my bed....nyways too lazy to check.

Arv said...

u wanna swap roles for a month :P

Sandhya said...

@gitu: Yes, I remembered that, but I was too lazy to type :P
@Prash: That is nothing, when compared to staring at the walls..
@Knight: I evacuated a family of cockroaches.
@Arv: Sure boss!! I'm game! :)

gayathri said...

exactly what i'm going through now..absolute boredom and nothing but boredom..:p

gayathri said...

exactly the thing happening to me...boredom..boredom and more of it..:)..thank god we're nutty..:p