Monday, May 17, 2010

Corporate Lessons

Watch this video - All of us have to do this at some point in our lives :P


vsk said...

Sandhya, Jakkubhai was good & thought-provoking. And very deep.

Prima facie it would appear that the film maker is trying to say "screw being true to yourself etc. Be a tattoo to your chief and you'll be OK". That's the wrongest conclusion you can draw from this film, in my opinion.

What he's trying to say is totally different, and you can get that only by imagining what he HAS NOT SAID. What's that?

The fact that pleasing your superior is the final bit you should not forget, but most certainly not the only thing. This final bit should come on top of hard work, application, sincerity to the job and continuous learning. Without those, this alone is worth nothing -- like the zero after 1 has value but not zero by itself.

He has left one more vital corollary, which I share with you from my work life. That if you find pleasing your boss is going to negatively impact your basic sensitivities, the only way is OUT. And find another job -- where the chemistry can match.

You should change jobs only for 3 reasons: company is going downhill, or you have some personal compulsions like health or marriage, or your immediate supervisor and you can't get along. Any other reason could lead to a wrong decision.



Trails of a Traveler said...

That was a real cool one.
I would like to put what VSK said a bit differently...
You do all the hard work, but do not expect that someone else will project that. You will have to be your brand ambassador. Pleasing the manager need not be taken as it is, but can be looked as working hard and showcasing that you did work hard.
Of course there are people who showcases other's work as their's, but let us not get into that at the moment.
The bottom line is that one has to know how to market oneself. That is very important these days in whatever field you are!