Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fascination for Facebook

I drafted this post ages back, and I'm publishing it after a gap. My blog has been dead for almost a month now.
Here we go...

I signed out of facebook after reading my Sister-A’s status message which read “I had yummy cauliflower and onion pakoda- perfect for a rainy evening in Bangalore.”
What started off as an innocent conversation, turned into something like this;

Me- “Amma do we have cauliflower at home?”
Amma: “Why? I made cauliflower two days back”
Me: Oh... oh... never mind... A-Akka had put up a status on facebook which said “cauliflower pakoda”, so I was hoping I could make the same at home.
Amma: Weren’t you supposed to be on a diet.

I walked back to my room sulking about the non availability of cauliflower.

Amma: How do you know A-Akka had pakoda yesterday?
Me: It was her status, she’d put it up and hence I read it.

Now, the lady gets damn excited.

Amma: Tell me more- What is a status!
Me: Something like, you tell our neighbour S, that you made bisi-bele bath and it turned out to be really good.
Amma: But in that case, only S would know, and the rest of the people in the apartment would know about it only during the gossip sessions.
Me: Yeah, the status message is something like that. More like, you put something on the notice board of the apartment and everybody else gets to know about it.

The lady gets super duper excited, insists that I login and starts checking out my friends, their profiles, and yeah, the pictures too.
Thankfully the only ones she checked were the ones she knew.

Eg: She looks at friend S- and says – Oh my God, look at her, she’s put on so much weight.
Check’s out Friend G’s profile – Why does she have so many siblings, while you have none listed? Isn’t Adi on your friend list?
Me: Hmm yes, he is on my list, but he refuses to acknowledge me as his sister online, and both of us are cool with it.
Amma: This is strange. What’s wrong in declaring that you have a brother.
Me: it’s no big deal.
Amma looks at Akka-A’s list and sees my perima listed as her mother.
Amma: Look at Akka, she says her mother is also on facebook, and you refuse to send me a friend’s request.
Me: Amma, I added you as a friend on Orkut, and isn’t that good enough?
Amma refuses to budge, and says – I know neither you nor your brother will send me a request. I will ask R-Perima to send one, and I will be friends with her.

I passed out after this. Oh good lord, if you are reading this, please make sure my mother doesn’t get anywhere close to facebook!

PS: After this incident, I've listed all my cousins as siblings :P


Arv said...

LOL... Thanks for sharing such lighter moments...

I have managed to avoid listing all my siblings and family so far :)

take care... cheers...

Deepz said...

A truly comic read! :)Your way of describing incidents in a lighter vein is lovely...
As a rule, I don't add any of my relatives as friends on facebook, (even after umpteen requests- But i have ma reasons :P)

Vedha said... dad, chitappa, athimbers, akkas, athangaas, athaans....facebook is a family tree!

Prashanth Rajan said...

It gets sort a embarrassing when your family members invade into your private space, and obviously it gets even more weird when you tell them to stay off your profile and stuff. *Wonders what becomes of girls who have over-protective dad. But yeah, folks who give you 'that' space are generally cool. literally.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

having phamily on facebook is like shooting yourself on your foot and then walking on hot coal...

I'm having trouble with my mom reading what my friends comment on my status messages - oh! the agony!!!!