Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holding On...

In life, you don't ask for trouble, it simply follows you. When the worst things in life happen, there are moments when you want to withdraw into a shell, and wished that the earth swallowed you right there. Well, it never happens, if you are meant to go through the worst you will. Right then somebody interrupts your trail of thoughts. They stick on through good times, and adversities alike.

One month of working and I have come to realise how mighty important these people are. Going by the chatterbox image of mine, I have spoken to like everybody in my training team, and a lot of other arbit people. What struck me is; I can talk, crack jokes, discuss business needs of companies and even the godforsaken stock market. But I am "ME" only with this bunch of people.

I'd be at a loss of words if you asked me to describe myself. If you know me, you don't need the life history, if you don't, figure it out if you feel like.' I can be what I want to be I actually am; because, they are the only ones;

è Who know that you are still shit scared of dogs, even when you pose with puppies, trying to ape that Raymond’s Ad.

è Who will walk all the way to the beach because you want to have “Mashoor Punjab Ki Kulfi”, and watch it drip with great joy.

è Who will call up from a training centre in another city to discuss the “cuties”.

è Who will not bitch about a certain somebody, but will listen to every damn thing you swear.

è Who wish you a genuine “all the best” while the rest of the world gives you lip service.

è Who still get a high out of window shopping at Spencer’s.

è Who will say, fruit shop on Greams Road is for school kids, yet the eyes light up when you read “Green Lime Soda” :P

è Who will say Coffee Day is overrated, but you still go there because you love chocolate fantasy!

è With whom you know you are safe when you go on a bike ride at 10.00 in the night.

è With whom you can sing the FIFA world cup anthem out of tune in the middle of a road and not feel ashamed about it.

è To whom you can proudly confess that “Washing Powder Nirma” I your alarm tune.

è With whom you share recipes that they may never prepare ;-)

è With whom you can crack jokes from dime to a dozen, and not worry about the lameness factor. Rest assured you will laugh at the very joke even after months of cracking it.

è The people who will never judge you.

è To whom you can cry out loud and laugh out loud with the greatest force.

è In whose homes you can sleep like a baby and right royally wake up for breakfast.

è Who are the ones reading this and laughing out. They know who they are :P

And I know for a fact that they'll be around forever! :-)



Whoa! I dint know that was a word until Microsoft Word approved it without a red mark. It’s been a month and a week since I started working, come Thursday; there will be something called the “salary” which will get credited to my account. After this nobody can raise a finger against me for spending too much money.

Looking back, the job has been a blessing in disguise of sorts. The New Year began on one of those really awful notes, and I’m just hoping that the dark clouds will pass real soon. Working gives you that satisfaction like nothing else can. Let me clarify that I’m no workaholic; but it does give you a sense of belongingness. Something which you perceive will add value, love you job and not your company is an oft heard management adage.

Work has filled that 6 month void which was eating me up little by little. Thankfully I’m not at home worrying myself to death about things which are beyond my control. Working also makes me feel a little responsible. I now belong to the “Salaried Class of the Indian Society”, with this comes financial and economic independence. I have the power to issue pocket money. I’m on my own now, and it feels bloody good.

Let me be honest, I do get tired at the end of the day, the process leaves with no time to do little things that give me great pleasure, like chatting up with a friend, or blogging, in some worst cases even checking my inbox becomes a chore. The journey has been pretty decent so far, and I hope the good streak continues.

I’m not looking for the easiest way out. With work comes deadlines, and with deadlines come pressure. And I’m game! Let’s hope July yields good results.

Fingers Crossed.

PS: I promise to update my blog more regularly.

PS1: It’s been exactly 30 days since I started working.

PS2: It’s been 4 weeks since I blogged anything