Saturday, June 26, 2010


Whoa! I dint know that was a word until Microsoft Word approved it without a red mark. It’s been a month and a week since I started working, come Thursday; there will be something called the “salary” which will get credited to my account. After this nobody can raise a finger against me for spending too much money.

Looking back, the job has been a blessing in disguise of sorts. The New Year began on one of those really awful notes, and I’m just hoping that the dark clouds will pass real soon. Working gives you that satisfaction like nothing else can. Let me clarify that I’m no workaholic; but it does give you a sense of belongingness. Something which you perceive will add value, love you job and not your company is an oft heard management adage.

Work has filled that 6 month void which was eating me up little by little. Thankfully I’m not at home worrying myself to death about things which are beyond my control. Working also makes me feel a little responsible. I now belong to the “Salaried Class of the Indian Society”, with this comes financial and economic independence. I have the power to issue pocket money. I’m on my own now, and it feels bloody good.

Let me be honest, I do get tired at the end of the day, the process leaves with no time to do little things that give me great pleasure, like chatting up with a friend, or blogging, in some worst cases even checking my inbox becomes a chore. The journey has been pretty decent so far, and I hope the good streak continues.

I’m not looking for the easiest way out. With work comes deadlines, and with deadlines come pressure. And I’m game! Let’s hope July yields good results.

Fingers Crossed.

PS: I promise to update my blog more regularly.

PS1: It’s been exactly 30 days since I started working.

PS2: It’s been 4 weeks since I blogged anything


Trails of a Traveler said...

Whoa! Congrats on completing one month and I am waiting right outside your house since you promised a treat!! :P
I am sure you should not be worrying too much about the 6 months when you did not work, since you had so much a support (pampering) from you mom!

BTW, you can decide the place for treat.. :)


Praseela Nair said...

congrats sandy on completing one month!! Keep going !