Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aapice Stories

This post is for Kumar Sir, he wanted me to write him a mail on my experiences at work. There is a lack of a good post, so, I’m publishing it here.

7th successful week at work, come Friday and I will complete 8 weeks, and that’s approx two months. The salary came, sat pretty in my bank account, and when the weekend arrived it disappeared into various stores across the city.

A typical day starts like this – Wake up, yoga class, get ready and run to the bus stop which is unfortunately two stops away, and wait for the bus to come. Mind you the bus is invariably late, and none of us reach office on time.

Coming to work, I’m not doing an individual report, but I’m helping another guy in his report. This doesn't mean I get to while away time. I have to work doubly hard to make sure the data I collect and pass on to him his flawless, and my report and his are at par with each other. And the cycle continues until Friday evening. The week flies, and the weekend flies faster.

Talking about weekends, after a hectic week at work, I sleep thru the entire weekend interspersed with catching up with friends. But given an option I’d like to switch on the AC, pull on the curtains and sleep.

The transition from College to Corporate world is a rude culture shock, and the only thing that common among the two is, they start with the letter “C”. In college you can do whatever you want and get away with it, and it wasn’t half as scary as the corp world.

When JD says “You either re-do the data collection the way we want you to, or you can finish your course next year”, there is a flicker of hope somewhere which says – I can deal with him. But when your Sr Manager calls the new hires to his glass room and says – in this vertical you either swim or sink. It scares the shit out of you, and that very term can freeze every emotion of yours.

Work has been pretty decent so far... After 4 weeks of training they threw us into the ocean and said swim. Thankfully, the guy whom I report to is quite chilled out. **touchwood**. The vertical assigned to me is the Mecca of Death in office parlance. Everybody has a very creepy feeling about it, and I received more condolences than congratulations.

To be really honest I wouldn’t have fit anywhere else. The risk vertical was beyond reach, because they had already hired people, and it’s a huge relief for the simple reason that – joining risk would’ve been the greatest risk for the company. Moreover the deluge of numbers and risk ratings thrown at me, I would have happily laid myself to rest.

The learning has been immense. 2yrs of MBA is as good as no MBA when you try to apply what you’ve learnt to what you do. It’s very embarrassing when people from random institutes talk more jargon, and you remain tongue-tied. This goes a long way in throwing light on all the bull JD has been spewing.

The crowd is pretty good. A fair mix of wannabes, chamchas and goodie people like yourstruly. I can never be a wannabe; I’m too quiet for one, I can’t show off to save my life. I’m probably obscure, and I’m happy this way. I’d rather be known for what I do than be known for how many people I talk to. I don’t want to discuss being a Chamcha, primarily because there is no point wasting words over them. Again, I can never be one. I cannot lick another person’s feet even if you pay me a million bucks to do so. I’ve hated Chamchas for a long time now; they are the ones who steal the thunder, be it school , college or workplace.

And I have found a bunch of people whom I’m quite comfortable with. And the journey so far has been good.

I have one little prayer to the one above me – please don’t turn me into a heartless and absolutely lifeless corporate. Let me have this teeny weeny bit of sensibility that has held me in good stead.

Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant write up d! :) :)
mecca of death? :D :D lol-max!

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

Risk is now a big money train - Might have made better sense from a career pov.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

Hey, I see a couple of more posts on reader - Project Life Cycle Model - that don't show up on your blog! Guess you deleted them, but reader still caught them :D

Trails of a Traveler said...

Nice one. But it is just 2 weeks. You have a long way to walk, or maybe swim.
You will get seasoned by then. All the best!