Friday, July 30, 2010

Appo & Ippo

This can be called a recollection of transformations over the last couple of months.

I might not cover every aspect, but this is all I can remember as of now, I will add more as and when I remember stuff.

Sleep – There was a time a if I woke up at 8.30 in the morning, Appa gave me blast on how important it is to wake up early, and help around the house.

Now – When I wake up at 8.30, Amma tells me, sleep for some more time if you feel like it. (me thinks WOW). In addition to the surprisingly good treatment, I had breakfast laid out and this included piping hot coffee.

Coming in late – then, it used to be a barrage of angry missed calls after 9.00, with people demanding to know where on planet earth I was and if I ever had plans of coming home.

Now, I get anxious, and very lovey dovey calls asking me, if my brother should come and pick me up from the bus stop. And yes, she also says – please come home safe. And when I reach home, I get awesome cold rose milk.

Hanging out – then, going out was sheer waste of time and money. You are wasting time by not studying, what will you ever do in life?

Now, it’s more like, why don’t you stay home this Sunday, I don’t even get to see you. And last Sunday a very senti me cancelled the plans, sat at home, watched tv, ate lots of vadam, slept and went out for dinner with Mummy and her friends.

Getting Dressed – previously if I’d spent more than 15 mins in front of the mirror, I was asked to stop being lazy and get ready asap because we had to leave.

Now, I’m asked to dress up well before going to office, and this is apparently to look more presentable, because people observe you at workplace. (aiyo aiyo) :P

Then, if I told my mom that some random guy passed a comment, she’s give me a super stern scary look and say, don’t go by that lane tomorrow, and stick very close to Sowmya. Talking about Sowmya, I so miss that girl who has gone away to Manipal, and that stupid thing hasn’t got a new number yet!

Now, when I tell her that some roadside romeo sang Hosana when I crossed the road, she says “that guy should’ve been blind”.

Spending Money – then, I had no problems in splurging on whatever I wanted, and I had an ever ready sponsor. They did give into every whim and fancy of mine.

Now, when I spend money on something, I feel the *pinch*.

I will not elaborate more because I have another post with this topic in mind.

Money – then I had all the time on planet earth, but no money to spend. Now, I have all the money I want (my needs and desires are extremely limited), but nobody and most importantly no time to spend it.

Then, if I dint reply back to texts in a long time, the reason had to be – me sleeping away to glory in class. And now, it’s some random meeting. When I reply back to a text saying, “sorry di/da, I was stuck in a meeting with a dodo speaking about some random crap”. I get a reply saying “Kekave perumaya iruku” :P

Then, If I started working on maths homework on a Friday evening, Amma would've been mighty proud of me. Now, when I open a couple of documents on a Friday night hoping to finish up pending work, she tells me "Office is where you work, and home is where you don't think about work".

If she'd given me the same kind of advice back in school or college, I can guarantee that I'll still be n LKG :P

Another important transformation is the name by which I am addressed. Before you get funny ideas, I have exactly two-three variations of my name at home, and now I get addressed as kozhandai more often. This is contrary to a lot of other beautiful names that were used before.

The only constant has been – 5.50p balance. Like always in most cases, calls don't get returned because, well, you know the reason - Balance ille :D

Ippo I feel, I should've started worked eppovo :P This royal treatment meted out to me, feels very good :D


Chees :)


Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

Indha 'kid glove' treatment ellam konja naal dhaan.. all this is in prep for something else which you shall soon see. :)

Trails of a Traveler said...

Sleep: What cannot be changed then cannot be changed now. Athaan ippo nobody is blasting you..

Getting Dressed: So till now they have never worried about you being shabby and made you realise that only now..

Random guy passing a comment - Ippovathu unnamai therinjutha?

Spending Money - who said I will not take a treat at Park Sheraton or Chola?

Name - I am being called kozhandhai for a so many years that I have forgotten how long.. :P

Thought I had given too much of pep talks in the past, so for a change... hehehe


Sandhya said...

@Extraordinarily ordinary - Adhu seri.. But it feels good to bask in the glory once in a while :) And there's no point in worrying what if, when you know certain things are beyond your control.

@ Ram Sir - Marana kalai!! And treat pathi - why only Chola and Park Sheraton, raise the bar no, say something like - lemon tree or GRT Grand days, yen OMR la iruka Asiana kuda sollalame :P Treat can be yours :D

Sowmya said...

I can relate :)

Sandhya said...

@Soms : teriyum :) We've just started out.. Lets see how it progresses.

Sandhya said...
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Trails of a Traveler said...

@Sandhya: Asiana sounds perfect... Near my office. So I am game for it... Yaaru treatnu apparam mudivu pannuvom.. :P


Sandhya said...

Ram Sir: Bill ah pathutu decide panalama :P? Asiana is very far away from my office :(