Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is my adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's Poem If.. An ode to the 2 glorious years of Post Graduation, taking into account that I'm not going to step in to a classroom for a long time to come.

If you can get used to waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning,
If you can travel 30kms a day,
If you know your college is in another district
Yet you say it is in Chennai.

If you can travel by roads which have more cows than humans,
If you can “yippie yaay” when; your driver races against other buses on the road.
If you reach college at 7.45 sharp, and not feel sleepy when you get off the bus.

If you can, survive 120min lectures
And not curse the lecturer,
If you can, sit through 4hr lectures
And watch movies in mute.

If you can, sleep in class
And not feel ashamed about it.
If you walk to the hostel to catch some sleep.
If you learn to sleep in any position
and not complain of body pain.

If you can treat seminars and guest lectures alike,
And not bother taking notes.
If you can, copy assignments
And get away with it.

If you can, flunk in internals
And not feel sad about it.
If you can, bunk classes for no reason,
And not bother about attendance.

If you can, line marofy engineering boys,
And say “oh shit, they’re like our brothers”.
If you can, be mistaken for a first year,
And get ragged by engineering kids.

If you’ve copied, more movies than class notes
And deleted class notes to make space for a new movie.
If you can repeat the same clothes in a month’s time
And not talk about shopping.

If you can, walk over a wooden plank to get to the canteen,
And have the best time of your life over cheese sandwich.

If you can play Farmville in the first bench,
And not bother about Corporate Finance.

If you can SMS a friend sitting across the classroom and say “Macha BREAK”
If neither incessant missed calls nor glares from professors can wake you up when you are fast asleep.

If you can, never get tired of texting, but don’t feel like taking down notes.
If you can, talk to old men and students alike,
And not lose the sense of humor.

If you can speak a full sentence without any swear words.
If you can, love and hate people with a vengeance you’ve never known.
If you can, form opinions and judgments, and not force it upon people.
If you can accept yourself the way you are, and yet make way for change.

If you can, attend a dozen interviews, and not feel disappointed when you don’t make it.
If you can, get ripped apart in presentations, and put up a brave front when confronted.
If you can, treat good feedback and awful feedback with a straight face.

If you can, survive Anna University exams and more,
And not once crib about the retarded life,
If you have done this and a lot more that has gone unmentioned-
You will be an MBA :D


Deepz said...

Lovely poem Sandy. It captures the essence of our two year roller coaster ride :)

Anonymous said...

Treat treat! I know it's been a two year rollercoaster, now is your time to enjoy girl :)

Praseela Nair said...

If you can go to college feeling reluctant and yet talk about it for years to come feeling jubilant...

sri said...

Hey awesome poem abt our 2 yr mba, Sandy ..... u ve captured almost everything :-) inspite of ur busy sleep mode :)

gitanjali.j said...

HAHA macha I absolutely LOVED this :D Big Hug**

Roo said...

And mostly importantly an SSNite :) Lovely poem :)