Monday, July 26, 2010

The Paradox of Corporate Life

Last Friday when I decided to leave home early, I was given work at the last minute, and I had to stay back until 8 to finish and leave home.

Monday morning, I came in looking for lots of work to begin with. I was expecting a new project. And I’ve been idling around all day long.

10.00: Read Economic Times
10.30: Ping and ask – What do I do for the day
10.45: Lead says – Chill maro. :D
HAHAHA! And I’ve been doing just that… :P

I logged into blogger, checked out blogs, read economic times, even visited HBR website and read a couple of articles. Had lunch, and now I’m back to wasting time.

The clock reads 2.00PM and I’m still vetti, and enjoying it!

Now that I'm dead jobless at work, I'll give you tips on how to kill time at work and act busy and hardworking at the same time.

Step 1 - switch on the monitor and open some 15-20 tabs of random websites. These websites have to necessarily be work related.

Step-2 - Keep a notepad and pen handy. The page HAS to have something scribbled on it. This is very important and remember that the paper and pen have to make some contact every now and then.

Step-3 - Plug in your headphones, and stare at the monitor with great intent. You can listen to Sutta Na Mila if you feel like it, but keep a straight face.
if you want tips on how to stare at your monitor, please watch some random Hindi movie which has at-least one working scene in it. Eg: Farhan Akhtar in Rock-On. Note that my creativity is at an all time low.

Step-4 - Your start menu has to be full. I mean it when I say FULL. Open a presentation, Chrome or Mozilla, a folder, a couple of PDFs , Outlook Express and the likes.

Step-5 - Drink lots of water to look like you are working hard, really hard. If you are a guy, please run your fingers thru your hair to look konjam serious, girls can do the same :P

This is it - you are all set to look like a workaholic.

Happy Monday ;)

PS: Nobody knows that I blog at work.
PS1: Promise me that you don’t spread the word.
PS2: If I continue being vetti for the rest of the day - you might end up reading a couple of more posts.
PS3: I'm not complaining :P I'm Lovin' it - McD style!


Sowmya said...

Ditto situation I'm taking vocab tests here :D

Nithya said...

:) enjoy maadi :)

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

Easier way is to book a conference room, lock it from inside and go to sleep.

Sandhya said...

@Soms: Being vetti once in a while is good fun :P Inniki enna vela kudupa nu terla.. Lets wait :P illena irukave iruku, another blog post.

@Nithi: sure di.. :P

@Extra Ordinarily Orinary - Unga pera type panni na romba time waste panniten :P Ipdi oru busy employee odu time waste pannalama :P
Ms/Mr - I dont know your gender, so before I forget what I wanted to say , naa ippo than join pannirken, and I don't want to get thrown out so soon :P Plus the conf room has glass doors so sleeping is out of question :D

Trails of a Traveler said...

To read the posts even we have to be vetti.. HAHAHA.
Anyway since you have been vetti for sometime in office, just check my latest blog as well.