Friday, July 9, 2010

Project Life Cycle Model

Before we get on to the post, let me warn you that this is anything but technical, and has nothing to do with work.

A 16 week project rigor is a compulsory part of Anna University’s syllabus and this by all means is the most awaited. The only time when you get to bum around at home, sleep all the time, and get bored of sleeping and eating routine.

The final reviews got over a couple of days back, and I’ve wanting to write about this for a long long time now.

Come December and all of us start looking high and low for companies that would allow us to warm our respected backsides inside their air conditioned halls. And also it is the time of the year when we hope that biggie corporate come in hordes.

The project Lifecycle is more like this –

  • January – YaaaY! I got a project.. Now what next? Will the Oldies in the college agree to this...
  • Feb- Review! God-damned crap. I have no idea what to present. I'm dead.
  • March – One review comes to an end. Another month until the next one comes about. Please wake me up when April comes..
  • April – Oh God! I’m so screwed. Some miracle has to retrieve me from the shit hole.
  • May- Ok this is the last leg. This too shall pass and I will survive

And then comes June the signature is on 5 copies of the record, and then you are free to go!!

July- One day loss of pay. The external examiner turned out to a finance guy who knew zilch of marketing. The review was a cakewalk, and if my reviews with the monsters had been this easy, the cakewalk wouldn't have felt as good.

I'm almost an MBA, and results awaited. Fingers Crossed.

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Trails of a Traveler said...

Just as you await the MBA, we (or I) await a treat... :)