Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kaam Ke Side Effects.

Caution: The post and the incidents mention are real, and the Blogger claims no responsibility for the loss of Sanity. None of the facts have been exaggerated.

I completed Q1 of working; the results would be pretty boring. Ideally I'd love to call on a Townhall of sorts, serve you guys high tea, and deliver a speech on   - the Journey so far. I neither have the time or the energy or the money. So, read this, and pass on your congratulations, or condolences. 

The side effects have a different tale to tell.  I don’t know if things like this happen, when you spend a fair chunk of your life in a cubicle. The corporate hullabaloo has got onto me, and the effects are here to see.

I pressed windows + L on my Laptop, when I went to make coffee.

I’ve gotten accustomed to staying late until 9 or more. The security guard now knows, where I stay, and my name goes onto the list automatically.

I was taking care of the Dining Venue for my team workshop, in the process I called up a few decent restaurants in the city to ask for quotes and reserve seats. I did the unexpected – I introduced myself like I would usually do for a project request.  Later I bit my tongue and corrected myself.

I was talking to the mobile service provider a few days back, and those guys wanted my email address to mail my complaint number. I belted out my official id instead of my personal one.

This four lettered word called – Work, gets a reference everywhere irrespective of the context.

I find it weird when if I board  the bus at 7.00PM IST.

I find myself working on deliverables over a weekend.

I dialled 001, before dialling a local number.

Worst case of all – I was pressing my access card against the wall last Friday hoping the door would give way automatically.

Next on the anvil is me standing in the kitchen, placing a glass under the Aquaguard and expecting a cup of coffee.

You get the picture don’t you?

I need rehab or therapy or whatever. Wait on, pass me a bar of Bournville, I think that should suffice.

It beats me how people have worked for a quarter of a century and still don’t have the corporate side effects.

Yeah, thanks.

Now you can watch the trailer of *Va – Quarter Cutting* and celebrate my Q1 of working.

 Peace Out :)

PS: I'm on a mission to *Reclaim My Life*. Tips please!


Anonymous said...

That access card thing happens to me too! And are you also as absent-minded as I am? You wont believe I re-heated the sambar one night instead of the rice and while it was still sitting pretty where it was, I was searching for the sambar high and low on the table and then when I found it I got FREAKED out. Seriously how can people work some 100 years and not get stressed out right?

Arv said...

re-align your thoughts mate... work treats you like shit only as long as you let it too...

let it push you only to an extent and then push it back...

no late hours (>8 hours) unless ur project/assignment requires it for survival...

no work@weekends...

if ur company forces you to... trust me, then the job aint worth it even if it pays you a million...

anyways... been ages since we had a chat... lets try to catch up sometime... take care... cheers...

Ram said...

That happens during the first quarter. You will get used to it in the coming days, becoming a total nut case.. :)
Take a break looks like you have slogged too much out there..