Sunday, September 5, 2010

Udaan - A Review.

Udaan is a the story of a young boy  Rohan, who after being expelled from school, returns to what he calls his home – a place which he hasn’t visited in 8yrs.

The movie is raw, intense, strong, in your face and grey. The storyline is simple and candid. The film revolves around an authoritarian straight-jacketed monster of a dad, and a 17yr old with an *udhne ki tamannah* .To this, add one nice considerate uncle, one lovelorn 6yr old, who is his step brother and a friend’s voice from another city.

Rohan dreams of becoming a writer, while the monster of a dad sends him to the factory, and forcibly enrols him in an engineering course. The teen obviously hates all of this, and wants to break free. The movie is so true to itself that each one of us can probably relate to atleast one instance quoted.

The guy is oppressed by all means. The monotony of his life is a stark reminder of that fact. The mediocrity of his life is evident – the early morning run, the car that starts the same way every morning, the boring factory life, and the uninteresting engineering course only add to the misery.

Rohan rebels against his dad in his own little ways; the car drives at night, getting sloshed out and finding company among his college seniors. He finds solace in writing. This is his retribution. His writing is the only means of expression, and his uncle supports him to an extent. But you can do little or nothing with that monster of a dad. This man has his own demons to deal with.

Rohan lives in hope that, there will be a day when he can break free from the clamps of his life, and redeem himself. This is very evident in that scene where he tells his uncle “I’d do anything but stay in this wretched place”. He develops a bonding of sorts with his step brother. It’s truly endearing when the 6yr old is taken under his wings. It was simple candid, and sweet.

The storyline does have the usual lump in the throat moments, but it socks you in your face – nothing is sugar coated. And I think this is what I really liked about the entire movie; the honest and realistic portrayal of life and its naked truth. The characters breathe an amazing amount of life into this.

All of us have had stars in our eyes while growing up, very few of pursue what we wanted. Most of us strayed away, stuck to what the society considers *right*, and then after 5yrs look back at the opportunity lost. The protagonist proves that there is still a flicker of hope deep down there, and it’s never too late.

I loved the last scene where Rohan and his little brother leave the house. It ends on a note that there is life beyond all the humdrum and you can do it, if you believe you can.

Go ahead, unclip those wings, and go on your Udaan!

Peace out

PS: This movie is a perfect antithesis to Varanam Aiyiram where the Daddy-Son relationship is glorified.
PS1: I’m so glad Yash Raj Films, did not produce or promote this movie. Had it been the case, the last scene would’ve extended into a different track, with the stupid moron of a dad changing his mind, and going in search of his kids.
PS2: I could see shades of me in Rohan, the rebellious streak, the - I so want to punch people in their faces attitude. Somehow I never came around pursuing my dreams; I simply modified them to suit my needs.
PS3: This movie is a must watch!


Ram said...

Nice review Sandhya...


Meow said...

I so wanted to watch the movie ONLY AFTER reading your simple and beautiful review Sandy :) :)