Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Are Family

My folks celebrated their silver jubilee today. These momentous occasions call for a lot of tear jerking, sentimental speeches which end with *thank you Amma and Appa*. Since we are not a bollywood family, we decided to skip all of this.  25years is a long time, when you have a couple who are as different as chalk and cheese. It still beats me on how they survived, and  in their journey together, they have with them two miniature versions. We the two versions are very happy and blessed to be a part of this journey and the years to come.

Amma and Appa are very very different from each other, opposites in the truest sense of word.

To celebrate 25years, I came up with 25 things that brings out the different aspects in them, and has kept them in good stead for so long. I’m not trying to compare them, but this is my way of looking at things.
  1. Amma grew up in Bombay, and her tastes are predominantly northie, and Appa’s tastes are very stereotypical.
  2. Amma makes awesome northie stuff, I’m sure she says a small prayer before she makes something like Paruppu Urundai Sambar or Mysorepak. She makes this super creamy kalakand, while her mysorepak can be used as a cork ball substitute. (Courtesy A who has spent his entire life so far playing cricket :P). Appa likes *proper* Tam-brahm food.
  3. Amma thinks everything in the house has to be spotlessly clean (hardly ever happens), while appa thinks, it’s ok to be messy. And you know the repercussions, Amma walks around with a mop stick and duster during the weekends.
  4. Amma is super religious, inspite of growing up in a place where the Tam-Brahm population was relatively less; she’s picked up all of it. Appa is more or less agnostic when it comes to religion.
  5. Amma talks a dime to a dozen in no time, appa hardly talks.
  6. Appa is a super strict disciplinarian, and I’m shit scared of him. Amma is the super chilled out person, she sends her warning signals, but will not impose it on you. (heard of the saying – patta than puriyum?, she lives by that adage sometimes)
  7. My folks have a similar taste in the kind of music they listen to – old Hindi and Tamil songs rule the roost. Amma loves old Hindi movies, and appa likes Tamil Movies.
  8. Appa is a geek – I guess all number crunching people like chartered accountants are geeks. My dad can probably talk to numbers, and even live with them. Amma likes anything that’s artistic; more like literature or philosophy than finance.
  9. Amma is chatterbox, this means she has lots of friends, and she finds time to actually keep in touch with them. Appa on the other hand is bloody moody and reserved.
  10. Ok, this one is a sitter; Appa loves sports, and Amma understands zilch.
  11. Sitter No.2, Technology. Yeah, you know the answer.
  12. Another sitter – Amma loves shopping; be it clothes, jewellery or even groceries, she is ready to shop. Appa hates it. I think hate is too mild a word. :P
  13. Adventurousness, by this, I don’t mean paragliding or bungee jumping. I’m talking about the mindset to try out the unknown.  Amma would really not mind taking a bus to express avenue and window shop with me, Appa seriously thinks, its pointless going to such places, and he thinks he’s too old for all that. He wouldn’t do anything outside his comfort zone.
  14. Humour, this is a little tricky. Amma can laugh at just about anything; Appa won’t unless he thinks it’s funny. Appa hardly ever cracks a joke.
  15. Surprises –Amma simply loves them! Be it a greeting card or a gift, you can see the excitement of a 3yr old in her face. Appa is mostly wooden to most of this.
  16. Amma loves travelling, and Appa is a proper homebody. I’m considering packing them off to a vacation by the end of this year, depending on my bank balance.
  17. Temper, Appa is super hot tempered, you name it, and he can get angry at you for it. Amma is the epitome of patience, you can never really get her angry, but once you do, god save you.
  18. Appa is a perfectionist. Seen Bommarillu, and the dad character in that movie, is a clone of the one I’m living with.
  19. Letting go of emotions, if I tell Amma that I flunked a test, she will scream, yell and take her anger out on me. But Appa will give me silent treatment.
  20. Amma is the kid magnet, Appa manages to scare pretty much every single kid.
  21. Both Amma and Appa love reading, only the genres are different.
  22. Amma has a very liberal way of bringing up kids – “you want to do this, go and try it”, is what she says. Appa is rigid – do what I say. And that’s why I fight more with my dad than with my mother.
  23. Appa can deal with animals, while Amma is petrified of them. She hates it when she sees us petting kittens. She once made both of us wash our hands several times, and sprinkled manjal thanni to get us rid of *cat fur*!
  24. Appa is the man of the family, and that’s enough said about driving skills.
  25. Amma is the know it all – PTA meetings, exams, doctor appointments, homework, project delivery deadlines, she knows it all.

Yeah, we are family.


Shilpa Ramji said...

A wonderful accolade to ur parents on their momentous occasion.

Ram said...

Wonderful! Just wonderful and my congrats to your parents.
I just remember reading somewhere that couple who have opposing tastes are the ones who have a strong bonding and it lasts forever. At least more than people with same tastes.
Just imagine if both are short tempered or both are care free. How would it be if both are chatterboxes or both are reserved. There would actually be no balance. It is the opposite poles that always keep attracted with each other. It is the law of nature I guess..