Monday, October 4, 2010


A chronicle of events over the weekend, which made me sing my redemption song.

Finance Classes: I’m sure a lot of you had a heart attack reading those two words. Hang in there; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Teaching finance and accounting to a seasoned bank officer is like reinventing the wheel. But there is always a gap in the learning curve right? My aatha has some random exam coming up in November, so she wanted me to teach her finer aspects of the subject. Wait I know it’s heart attack No.2, you have to read on.

Being the obedient dutiful daughter I am; I summoned the financial management, ManAc and Corporate Finance from the rack, dusted them nice and clean. Next in the line were fresh sheets of paper, and two pens. With the ammunitions ready, I was ready for the battle.
I taught her stuff about Ratios, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Risk ratings, Discounted Cash Flow, Working Capital Management, Capital Budgeting, Mergers Acquisitions, Bankruptcy and the likes. Throughout the 3hr crash course, I could observe reactions ranging from; hope-despair-depression-disgust-frustration. Finally she threw the pen in the air, got up and left the room.

Enjoying The Last Drops of Joy: A friend was complaining about how boring college was, and that he wanted to get working and earn some asap. Offlate talks about college being boring, don’t really go down well with me. I get majorly senti and all that I start crapping about what life was like, when I was in college. This time I gave him sound advice on, why he must enjoy the Golden Period, and not crib about life in college.  It was more philosophical rather than practical; Macha, take it easy, you don’t get this again in your life. Enjoy max da. If somebody had tried grilling the same thing into my head until a few months back, I would’ve asked them to get their brains examined. But this time, it made total sense.

Exams: A has some periodical tests going on at college. They are similar to the Mid-Terms we had in college. This kid was majorly studying, and cribbing about his Physics paper the next day. Apparently he hadn’t studied anything, so he wanted me to cut the call short and let him study. Well, that did not happen. I rubbed some more gyaan into Brain No.2. This time, it was more on college, enjoying under-graduation,  chilling out, and not wrecking your brains over stupid periodicals. The punch line of the day was – padh likhke kya karna hai, ek din sab ko marna hai.

Gyaan to Self: My friends had invited me to some cafe half way across the city. The place is a rip off of another popular cafe which capitalized on Hookah.  The menu card arrived; I exhibited extreme restraint while ordering. I skipped anything that said – cheese or chocolate. I ordered veg club sandwich, specifically told them to keep off mayonnaise.  I was playing safe. 

After 30 mins or so, arrived Mr. Sizzling Chocolate Brownie. I will call it Mr, for all practical reasons. The brownie did sizzle, the vanilla ice-cream smiled at me, and the molten chocolate led me into temptation. I did not give in.  In the meantime, another friend texts and said she wanted to have something chocolatey.  So I headed to another rip-off restaurant, and the unexpected happened. Mr. Chocolate Avalanche Junior was our Guest for the day, and I exhibited unabashed gluttony. The rest they say is history.

The weekend was worth it :P
Thank you Chocolate Avalanche Junior for making my weekend so special :D

Cheers :) 

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Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

A wise person once said:

"Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake."