Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain Rain, Go Away.

Dear Rain,

At the outset, I must thank you for making your presence felt. You’ve done a great job of bringing down the temperatures, filling our dams with enough water so that we don’t have to crib about the lack of it  in the coming months  and also for giving us a great deal of respite from the sweltering heat Chennai is known for.   
On the flip side, you’ve  ruined our roads, disrupted traffic;  by making long journeys even longer, making public transport almost unusable and derailed our civilian lives.  

I wholeheartedly appreciate the dedication you’ve exhibited in performing the duties assigned. I must also mention that you’ve exceeded expectations. Thank you is too small a word to express my gratitude.
My dear Rain, don’t ever come to the conclusion that I don’t love you anymore, I still do, but I’m writing this to you because I don’t want any love to be lost between us.  At this juncture I must tell you, that too much of a good thing nullifies the goodness it was intended for. 

I hope you get what I’m saying. Back in school and college, even when you drizzled down, our principals were kind enough to declare a holiday. Now, even if you lash down on us, the corporate companies we represent will NOT declare a holiday, and even if they do, we will have to compensate for it on another day, when your downpour is at its best.

I agree that the best thing to do when you visit us is to sit by the window with a hot cup of coffee and a lovely book. All that is technically impossible because as much as I would love to admire you, sing, dance and all that, I must tell you that I have a job to attend to.

I sincerely hope you understand my predicament of going to work completely drenched. It doesn’t look and feel good.  My kindest request to you is, please stop what you are doing.  You can revisit us sometime in June, and we’ll welcome you with our arms wide open.

It’s high time you visited other parts of the country and wrecked havoc there.

Before I get way too violent, please let us live in peace.

Thanks & Regards,

PS: We’ll need your presence sometime in April or May again, you can visit us for a short while then.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

From Jerry to Tom – A Crucial Transformation

The latest fad on Facebook is uploading cartoon pictures, for an invasion of childhood memories. The idea was very cute, because it gave me an opportunity to revisit childhood memories. I chose Tom & Jerry.

I was nicknamed Jerry in my previous company thanks to the petrified look on my face every time I crossed paths with certain people. I will attribute that unreasonable fear to their attitudes. They were all poker faced, extremely cold towards people, and packed with attitude and arrogance.  I have everything against these people. I mean honestly, if you were that good, people should recognize you for that.  One thing I’ve learnt over the years is respect is never demanded, it is always bestowed. Respect that is coerced is not actually worth it.

I digressed, but that was crucial to understand the context.  Yeah, so I was little jerry who froze at the sight of 3 people. I would actually run out of sight or look away when they passed. This was an insider joke of sorts, my Primary expert-I, would actually poke fun at me, and all of us used to laugh. Somehow in my 5 months stay over there I never came to accept them, and vice versa. 

I was never happy there; every passing day was actually a pain, a punishment. The entire place made me feel like a prisoner in a concentration camp. I can spew venom thinking about the place. There have been innumerous days, where I’ve returned home weary, sullen and teary eyed. Had I stayed there longer, I would have become non-existent.  So, I was Jerry forever.

I walked out of the place, with a wee bit of sanity intact, and I embarked on a new beginning.  This Tom Vs Jerry Chapter of my life, left me shaken, but it did stir in a vital lesson – I need not be scared of anybody in my life. My life is my own, and I needn’t freeze. I should learn to wholeheartedly accept myself.
Today, I know it’s a new beginning, and I’m all by myself. Tom is left behind, and I have taken an oath never to be Jerry again.

Thanks Primary Expert for actually drilling this into my brains. Tomorrow, if anybody calls me to the Manager’s cabin, I will not die of shock. Promise.