Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A blog post after what seems like ages; the festive season is on, and everybody is in a mood to spread cheer and happiness. Life on the work front is also pretty chilled out. I’m sure you must have figured that out by now; blogging on a weekday from work. You get the drift right?

The idleness, happiness and boredom has brought me here; I’m really not in a mood to post something really serious, in other words, I don’t plan to overwork my brains right now… so, the best thing I can come up with right now is an out and out commercial post, tried and tested, every blogger worth their salt has one of these mushy, girly, endearing and truly gratifying post.  And, this is mine.

What makes me happy?

*Chocolates! Yeah baby; that very cutie brown piece of heaven that comes wrapped in foil. I like everything that’s chocolaty. I’m a true blooded chocolate addict. I love chocolate, and chocolate loves me. How else can you explain this theory that a every time I step into a store to buy something, this wonderful, adorable thing hiding in the aisle makes a pass at me and says “ here I am; look at me”?
*Appreciation and compliments; I’m a sucker for both. It can be appreciation for a job well done, or for that chocolate cake which turned out yum or for something totally unexpected. If you want to make my day – simply say, you look pretty. PS: Be genuine.
*Good food, this is not necessarily something exotic. Simple, comforting home cooked food. Here again, I wouldn't say NO to anything that fried / has chocolate or is just plain chocolate.  I’m a foodie at heart.
*Cooking; with the love of good food, comes the art of cooking. I thoroughly enjoy cooking, feeding folks and eating of course. Nothing is more therapeutic than cooking something from scratch.
*Laughing for no reason and so hard that tears stream down my cheeks. I must tell you that my laughter is infectious. There are fair chances of going deaf if you are in close proximity.
*Girl talk, bitching, gossiping, and those heart to heart conversations. You don’t need a set time and pattern.
*Gyaan giving, counseling and being the agony aunt – this is called giving back to the society at large.
*Talking endlessly. I’m sure it needs no explanation. If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you would’ve figured that out by now.
*Bringing a smile onto a couple of faces.
*Mall Hopping, line marofying.
*Browsing through book stores.
*Trying on perfumes which I will never buy.
*Watching chick flicks or SRK movies with friends. 
* Rain dancing or singing or both. 
*Losing weight when I least expected it. (the opposite of this would be, gaining a couple of kilos, when I've been dieting)
*Finding a neatly folded 100 Rupee note in my not-washed-in-a-quarter jeans.
*Riding my bike on an empty road. 
*Photograph frenzy.
*Super hot cup of coffee as soon as I return home.
*Super clean room with everything in the right place.. Turning on the AC would be an icing on the cake. :P
*Books – I’m a bookworm. Period.
*A mid week holiday.
*12hrs of undisturbed sleep.
*Playing with little kids, being the story teller or simply having them around is unbridled joy!
*A lazy weekend or even better a weekday, spent reading a book by the window, watching kids play in the compound, and endless cups of coffee.

This is called bliss.

Cheers :)

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Lotus Eater!! said...

I loved it .. I could relate my self to everything you had written .. NICE