Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Best of R.K Laxman

Here's wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day. :D
I'm not a cynic, but this one was perfect for the day.

Mera Bharat Mahaan :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

... She turned 24!!

Ever heard of a woman who 
- hates ice-creams, cannot stand chocolate;
-not an internet addict and thinks facbeooking is a serious waste of time.
- has replied to Orkut Scraps months after receiving them?
- owns a mobile phone, but will not take calls or reply to texts?
- stayed in Chennai for 20years now, and cannot speak a full sentence in Tamil.

Such people do exist, and they form the other end of the Normal Distribution Curve. No, she isn’t a 50 something with salt and pepper.  This has been in the offing for a year now, last year, but laziness got better of me. This time I’ve decided to ignore the throbbing pain in my upper jaw at 12 in the night, to wish the best woman a very Happy 24th Birthday!

Dear Neesu,

I’d like to warn you right away that this is going to be very silly, soppy and mushy which is quite unlike me. But you truly deserve this soppiness for all that you’ve put up with.  I must thank you for being there by my side throughout the ups and downs of life; madness and sadness; school results and college admissions; numerous crushes and google searches; all those night long discussions on things that make absolutely no sense.

To be really honest with you, I had no premonition that we would come this far, and I’m glad that we did. I still can’t believe we have little or nothing in common, except for the love for Shah Rukh Khan and that is so passé.  I guess there was something more than just divine intervention that’s kept us going for so long; amidst all those silly nonsensical fights, to thought-provoking and enlightening talks ;)?  I think it is the warmth enamours you. Otherwise why would a girl who came over to pick some notes make your home her second home, and a permanent resident at times?

Your enormous amounts of patience inspires me, sometimes I really wish I could be a lot like you, say being more cautious while taking decisions or just being more sane. Here again, I wouldn’t want to think too much about it to the extent that I get totally confused.

Sometimes I think I must take a little from your dislikes to become a little better – like eat less chocolates, and try and say no once in a while.

I must thank you for bringing in a lot of positive and new influences in my life, for pushing me to the edge, making me explore a lot of things which  I would have not, like blogging for instance and a lot of other things which I perceived I’m averse  to. You’ve inculcated in me; the love for good food, of exploring different places, and for plain experimentation. 

 There have been so many instances where I look back and wonder what life would’ve been like without you around; but I’m plain happy that you’ve been around for so long, and that’s been a blessing in itself. I will be eternally grateful for accepting me for what I’m; the entire package without any changes whatsoever. Thank you for making me feel comfortable in my own skin, and making me believe that it’s ok to be a little weird at times.

So, Auntyji, here’s wishing you the Happiest Birthday ever!! May all your wonderful dreams come true.  Go ahead and chase that media dream of yours, and make us all proud.

God Bless You!


PS: I’ve thanked you a lot of times in this post, and I mean every word uttered. So I’d like to request you to bring out that tissue and wipe your eyes atleast for courtesy’s sake.
PS1: The day I have a baby, you will be the Godmother. Yeah, I mean it.
PS2: Woman, if you ever were a guy, I would’ve asked you out. Now thank heavens that both of us are sensible straight women.
PS3: its 12.15 and I must sleep.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dilbert On Market Research

I've been wanting to post something that's very easy on the mind, and fun to read.I found this on a friend's Facebook Page, so I did the Ctrl C and Ctrl V. (it's ok to copy paste once in a while)

This is what Mr.Dilbert has to say on Market Research! ;-)

Cheers :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Essentials

I promised to post something on my set of New Year resolutions and here they are. This time around I decided to keep them simple, doable, achievable and realistic. There is no point is resolving to go to the moon, or saying I want to win the Miss Universe title, unless you are preparing for them. From my past set of resolutions, I see that there is no point in over promising to self, and under delivering it by a great margin, so I made a very conscious effort to keep the unrealistic stuff to the minimal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for “New Year Resolutions – 2011”

Lose Weight: Ok, this has been on my resolution list since the January of 2009, when I saw the first “I’m-getting-fat” signs. I’m on a hat-trick this year, wish me luck! Last year I managed to shed some, and gained them all back, thanks to 5 months under serious stress.

Staying in Touch: Over the last year, or so I’ve kind of distanced myself from people intentionally and unintentionally. I’m not discussing about the intentional ones here, I’ve figured out that, I need human contact; I cannot survive without people around. This doesn’t mean, I trust people blindly, but I simply keep them in tab. Say hi once in a while, a ping on fb to say the least. You never know whom you will need when. PS: I’m not being the opportunist here.

Spend time with Family & Friends: I’ve decided to keep the ones whom I really care about closer. Show them that I care, and make them feel special. Sometimes I go off the radar for a while, and nobody knows why.

Smile More Often: Sometimes, when I look at myself in the mirror, I think I’ve forgotten to smile genuinely. I’ve mastered the infamous ‘Corporate Plastic Smile’, and believe me, I don’t like it. I’ve decided to reserve the above mentioned smile only to a restricted bunch of people, and spread the genuine one more often.

Stop worrying on the personal and professional front. Taking too much tension to the head doesn’t solve any purpose. This includes letting go also.

I have decided not to bring home work either, not stretch too much unless the survival of the project depends on it.

Live life, eat healthy and workout.

Pray more often; I’m not the one who enters the Puja room or a temple in times of distress, I do pray, but I’ve decided to say thank you God more often this year. PS: I need extra blessings :P

Learn something new; the quest for learning should never end is my personal belief. I want to learn something I’ve never dabbled with before; art or a new language, or even self defense. I’ve had an eye on Tai Chi for quite some time now.

Become a Certified Yoga Trainer. The Power Yoga bug got onto to me big time and the efforts have been truly worth it. I’ve wanted to get properly trained in it; not only because it’s a lucrative career option, and to add some extra USP to my profile. What’s the fun in being just another MBA?

Sponsor a child, inspired by the World Vision advertisements, I want to sponsor one or atleast give them a onetime payment now that I’m semi-independent and can support a family.

Pamper myself, everybody needs an exhilarating hair-spa treatment or a soothing pedicure once in a while. Who doesn’t like being pampered? I’ve decided to raise the bar one notch up, and I’m planning on a chocolate facial – I promise I won’t lick chocolate.

I’ve stuck to my guns for being realistic this time.
I sincerely hope 2011 is good to each and every one of you, and me of course.

Cheers to the year ahead.