Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Appreciating Spoilsports

Think about this – ever wondered what life would be like; if it was picture perfect, there were no glitches, nothing to worry about and if everything worked like a charm? Now apply the same equation to the people around you. What would it be like – if there wasn’t a single person on our hate lists, nobody to bitch about, if we loved everybody equally and considered each one them angels?

It would be a picture perfect,  fairy tale. But wait, every fairy tale needs a villain / or an evil scheming person. There certainly must be a character at each phase who is annoying, who is such a pain in the wrong side and we simply can’t put up with, a certain somebody who is out to make life miserable or so we believe. 

These people should be crowned the most hated people of all times – bring on that diamond studded tiara.
If you’ve read the above paragraphs and shuddered saying; Hell no! There isn’t a single person in my life in that category of an annoying moron; you are either lying or a disciple of His Holiness Sri Sri RaviShankar.

The other day, I was majorly angry at a certain somebody, sadly I was pretty helpless. All I could do was – fume, crib and go mad about it. I called up a friend, and we got discussing, in girl-talk terms its called cathartic treatment. We called them names, dissected their sad lives, and in the end I felt much better than I did before the call.

I was mulling over these people later that day, I figured out that we actually need them. These people, who freak the hell out us, are actually necessary evils. Think about it, if everything at work went on like a charm, then there would be absolutely no fun in working.

In other words, anything that is uneventful actually goes unnoticed.

What is the fun in travelling by an auto when you don’t haggle with the driver?  Or a bus journey, where a conductor returns that 50p. What’s the fun in driving when there is no irrational motorist who cuts across your lane? A good movie gets raving reviews, but a bad one or the one which doesn’t match up to our expectations, get ripped; everybody wants to discuss how terrible it was. These are just a few of them, you can add more to the list.

Likewise in life, the good people are all in the background, the real angels who keep us going, but in reality the demons make it interesting. They are our emotional ventilators without whose help, we’ll be inane beings. They instil rationality, give us a better picture of the world, and help us appreciate the goodness around us.
These people make our days in one or more ways. If not for them, our days and lives would be very predictable and unexciting.

Now, think about it...


Ram said...

//In other words, anything that is uneventful actually goes unnoticed.//

I was about to mention this. There is a saying in Tamil which means, only the person who has walked for a long distance in the scorching sun can appreciate the shade of a mango tree.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel the same too! https://ryality.wordpress.com/2009/08/10/why-the-world-needs-spoilsports/