Sunday, February 20, 2011

Curtains Down

Another chapter in life came to an end on the 19th of February 2011, the post graduate degree was conferred and it’s the official end of academics. There is an underlying sentiment attached to it, primarily because this was the last straw.

I’ve attended two grad days now! *yaaay* I can now draw comparisons between the both – in terms of college, junta and management. Are you really interested? If you promise me that you will not doze off then I’ll give it a shot. MOP was like the perfect girls college – ingredients include; cat fights, bonding and lots of gang rivalry. SoMCA on the other hand was very subdued, quiet, and there was ruckus on a few occasions, but most of them are dismissible. To think about it; I survived both.

What I really liked the best about this college was the transport; I’m a public transport travel averse, so when they offered pick up and drop facilities, I was more than happy to take it up. The grind began at 5.00AM on a dim Saturday morning; because I was wearing a saree and had to catch the bus at 6.45 from the stop (which eventually did not happen).
The show time began with a lot of euphoria and festivity. For some it was a time to prove to the rest of the bunch they have arrived, their new found independence and the extra fittings that come along with it. Some were totally hung on the concept of “meeting friends” and a handful of them junked it, the ones who had absolutely no plans of looking at the people back in college.

I was a little of the last category I mentioned, I was in two minds until Friday evening; I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to be there among the people, but I did go, to meet a few friends and most importantly to collect what was mine – the MBA degree from godforsaken Anna University. I owed to myself because I survived it all – syllabus, evaluations, mode of education; so it would be pretty sad if I dint go on stage to take that certificate wave it in the air and say “THIS IS MINE”.

This time around, we were the minorities; the MBA class had hardly 60 people and we were seated in the front row – that eliminates the option of sleeping. There is one advantage of being an MBA in this case; they apparently considered this to be the highest degree to be awarded, and so we were called on first to collect our certificates.

After the applause subsided we did walk back to our seats, cheered the rest of the crowd, waited ravenously for the lunch, took photographers, smiled at random people and went back home as post graduates.

Cheers :)