Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Musings

A random conversation between A and I. I was being the generous older sister, and see what I got in return..

Me: A! Adidas Nike and Levis  la edho sale irruku.. Do you want something? T-shirt floater or jeans venuma?
A: No :-)
(I was a little shocked and surprised. So, I decided to egg him on a little more)

Me: Aye loose! Sale da :P we can buy two at the price of one. Last time you wanted floaters na? We can buy one for you and me. Even a bag should be fine.
A: Bag vendam, appa will scold. Save money for my new mobile, adhu porum.

Me: Ooh…

Now I get why the little one was acting all nice and sweet by saying he dint want anything. 

PS: all you young semi-independent boys and girls, take note of such unusual behaviour when your little one refuses to buy your deals.

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