Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Randomization Part-III

A few Ads that caught my attention in the recent times, I'm not much of a video posting person, but I couldn't resist these.

1) The Tata Nano Ad - I like the last part where the kid applies Kajal to drive away evil

2) Big Rock - Hilarious Stuff.. Anybody can start a business :P

3) Blackberry Application - Naukri + Shaadi + Make My trip. Ideally I'd like to skip step-2 and head to step-3.

4) Bingo Cream & Onion Chips - Ippo anybody can be International :D

5) Bodhi Vidyashram - Velammal School. This school apparently imparts integrated IIT-JEE Coaching to it's students. Yeah right! I think the next in the line is, P.S Senior Secondary School coming up with a school which says, we will coach our commerce department students to become Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Corporate Secretaries as soon as they pass out from school. Added advantage can be a CFA or a FRM course.
Wonder what will happen to outliers like me then ;)

I couldn't find the video for this, if you get hold of it, pass it on.

1 comment:

Ram said...

Outliers like will get to do our work while the rankers continue with their studies..