Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Application i-Sleep

Sleep is a 5 lettered word which is a panacea to almost everything – headaches, headaches from hangovers, mood swings, hunger etc. You name it; sleep naturally cures it. At some point in my life I had sleeping mentioned as an activity on my Orkut profile; then I realized that it was a double-edged sword and I immediately took if off.

For the last couple of hours, I’ve been unusually sleepy at work. I pinged a friend and the conversation is as follows:
S: I’m sleepy! I want to sleep.
A: Haha.. Good Night.
S: Yeah right!
A, suggested that I listen to heavy metal.

I know a lot of you guys out there who sympathize and share the same feelings. The sad truth is, we can do absolutely nothing but drink two cups of super sugary coffee hoping the caffeine shot brings us back to normalcy.
I plugged in my headphones hoping the music will wash away sleepiness, but nothing happened. So here I am trying to blog away sleep. You can try it sometime too. Open some random notepad and start typing ABCDEF forward and backwards.

This is where I miss college; the minute I felt sleepy or if the class was remotely sleep inducing there were three options; a) walking out of the class in pretence of drinking water, b) fake a headache and sleep off on the desk. Yes even if I was in the front bench right under the boring Profs nose. c) This was not the easiest, but certainly the best option – wait until the 10min break came along, sneak out to the hostel and sleep.

Thinking about being sleepy-dweepy and how even writing a blog post isn’t helping me; I remember a similar situation back in college. Long back yea sometime in my 3rd semester, I had opted for this subject called “Security Analysis and Portfolio Management”. The Prof was discussing some Risk Mitigation techniques using Alpha and Beta Values and something on Risk Spread. For the record, this is all I remember about the session.

10minutes into the session, when I couldn’t take it anymore I borrowed Ms. PB Nair’s amrutanjan balm; the menthol in it does wonders to drive away sleep. I applied a little on my forehead. With the ammunition in place, I drifted into dreamspace; risk spread gave way to cheese spread, cheese spread gave way to pasta and the long cylindrical pasta dripping with cheese was standing right before my eyes. Then the pasta split lengthwise and looked like a cheese slice. Yeah you get the drift don’t you? I woke up with a thud! – I had landed on the desk (which was previously mistaken as pasta cheese slice lookalike.)

Coming back to reality; I cannot sleep now. The Senior Analyst sits one cube away; the manager sits diagonally behind me. And there’s a project riding on my back. Here they pay me, there my folks paid and I slept through sessions. Such is the irony of growing up.  We’re taught to be more professional and are expected to follow a certain code of conduct and etiquette.

Thinking about it now, I cannot help but thank a certain Prof who insisted that we learn the fine art of “stifling yawns”, “sleeping with our eyes open” and “acting like we’re paying attention”.

The paradox is – you cannot sleep! You can only lose sleep over projects, deadlines and the paraphernalia that tag along.

Long long ago I wanted colleges to have sleeping pods. Now I so wish companies do the same. Please allot a little room beside the conference or meeting rooms to sleep and make sure its sound proof. No glass windows please.

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