Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Makkale, Vote!

I heard this yesterday morning on the Radio; this was an attempt to bring people out of their armchairs to vote.
Sample this: Girl- Yar nalaiku poi vote poduvanga. Ivalo veyil, queue la nikkanum. Waste of time ya!
Announcer- Ama ma! Marina la kadala podarche veyil terile, ECR la boyfriend kuda oor suttarche time waste agala. Ana vote mattum poda mattenga?

Think elections and all of us can paint a picture of constant campaigning, political mud-slinging, each political party trying to outdo each other in their “people benefits”, covering up their shams and things like that. This is for the people involved in hardcore politics.

Look at the Great Indian (Upper) Middle Class, you will observe that the panorama of politics varies across demographics; for the older population – it is a medium to reform the system, but for junta like you and me; this is pure tamasha! We are the empowered generation; we’ve had education at our disposal, decent career choices and the purchasing power. So we are supposedly the future of the nation; the torchbearers of the society and all that.

My question is; are we really all of that? Or is it just another statement of political purposes? I think it’s both. Yes we have it all, but none of us really want to exercise it.

Ever since the news of elections began; there has been a lot of noise. The younger population firmly believes that the Indian Political System in all its glory is beyond redemption and we can do absolutely nothing about it.
And after all the brouhaha about the system; today was judgment day. We the Indian Youth were supposed to do what is described as a duty by the Constitution – Vote. I agree that there are not many good choices around, but you can always make a difference by sticking your finger out on a 49-O. Or probably choose for the best of the worst and make your presence felt.  

Admittedly I was excited; firstly because this was going to be my first vote. Yeah, say thank you to the TN Govt.  for issuing my Voter’s ID Card almost 6yrs after I turned 18. The process of voting is rather simple; all you have to do is, go to your polling booth, stand in a queue, show the official your card and vote.

Sadly, the process wasn’t this simple. I was at the booth at 8AM only to find a *huge* crowd. We landed there as a family and it so turned out that none of us had the “Election Slip”, yeah another goof up by the administrators. So the guy at the polling booth flatly refused to let me cast my vote.

According to him I did not have the slip, so the Voters Card was invalid, this was in spite of the fact that my name was on the electoral list and I was standing right in front of him. Moron of a guy!
This is for all you people who thought choosing your candidate was the only difficult thing.

The point here is not about – How S Iyer cast her vote, but about the spirit of the people who had come to do the same thing.
In my line there were two really old people – one thata who couldn’t walk without support and another paati who was surely 80+. I mean, if the people can actually take the trouble of making a difference in the country/ state’s destiny. I think you and I must exercise it too.

There is no point in screaming out loud cheering for your country on the eve of an Indo-Pak Match. If you thought that match was imperative to the nation’s self respect, then voting should not be left behind.
If you went out in the sun, stood in long queues, fought with silly officials and cast your vote; you’ve made an attempt to make a difference. But if you sat at home on account of being a Govt. holiday, you’ve got absolutely no right to criticize the nation or it’s proceedings.

Go ahead and cast your vote. You still have 4hrs more.

PS: My brother exercised his 49-O. He tried dragging me into it, but yeah, I chickened out.
PS1: I helped the madisaar wearing paati to the booth. Damn proud of myself!!
PS2: I've been admiring my left index finger like it's some "diamond encrusted Platinum ring".
PS3: Please go and vote!


gitanjali.j said...

haha :) i liked the conclusion though. True- every small itsy bitsy vote CAN make a difference. Lets just wait n watch :D

Meow said...

True.. :) Good one... Liked it..