Sunday, April 10, 2011

Staying Still

All through school and college; if I had been pulled up for one thing, it had to be for my inability to stay quiet or still. I wasn’t the naughtiest or the troublemaker one in class, but the folks were aware of a certain somebody who sat in the last bench, spoke too much, slept too much and played a vital role in distracting classes.  I was boisterous; but attention seeking was never on my mind.  

I could never stay put in a place; I had to do something to keep me occupied. And with this came along a host of activities.  Over the last 10 months or so, I’ve observed a lot of unnerving changes which are very uncanny to me.

I’ve become this really quiet girl; I don’t talk as much as I did previously. I’m not the cheerful one anymore; little things don’t bring out the same happiness as before.

I’ve become more or less disinterested in life and its regular course of affairs. Every single day feels and looks the same. I miss the variety and unpredictability of college. Corporate life does have its share of unpredictable aspects, but they are costly and don’t really feel good. Let me be really honest here; I do not like it one bit. There seems to be nothing more than just work to my life.

I’m in the process of becoming a robot like Chitti; only that he is multidimensional, and yours-truly for the record is becoming more and more one-dimensional.  In the beginning I rubbished it as a part of growing up, and then I figured out that it was the first job which was sapping everything out of me. 5 months into another job and I still feel the same.

Last Friday A, was showing me a profile of his junior from college; the girl models, has something to do with some super sexy TV Channel and is really good at sketching and painting. I did a reality check – bloody all I do is work – come back home – go back to work the next day. I loathe Mondays, I don’t feel like working on Mondays and same applies to Fridays.

I sleep my way through weekends, hang out with a couple of friends, eat out, shop when the wallet is full and watch movies at a friend’s place when I’m out of cash. This is my life. WORK has taken over every single frame.

Was I the same girl who was screaming hoarse last year this time that she needed a job?
I need a life! :-/

PS: I decided to exercise atleast one of the new year resolutions. 4 months after the new year dawned, I pulled out my shoes and went for a jog on the beach. ** Exhilaration** 

PS1: In a bid o reclaim my dying or almost dead social life; I’ve decided to join a Dance Academy :D I’m planning to take up a 3 week workshop!

PS2: The Mother of All Vacations is coming up! The leave got sanctioned officially. Had I been in the other team; I would’ve broken a rib if necessary.

PS3: Yes! I promise to blog more sensible stuff more often. You will not be subjected to such randomized torture.

PS4: I'm listening to songs from Mission Kashmir! I feel like a 12yr old all over again :D I think I still have a crush on Hirthik Roshan.

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gitanjali.j said...

:P good for you. Cheers for the Dance class! Tell me how it goes.
BTW- having a fun gang at work makes a LOT of difference. Crib/joke/hug/poke fun at- it makes goin to work itself seem fun. Try it :D