Friday, May 13, 2011


Today is Friday the 13th of May. Looking at the published posts, I realize that the last post that made a little sense was posted exactly a month back.
I’ve wanted to post something for a very long time; I can blame it on laziness, lack of time and a couple of myriad reasons like – it is too hot in Chennai and I don’t feel like posting.

But all said and done, there are no excuses. The drafts folder has 2-3 posts lined up, all of them in half finished state. There’s one on Astrologer Bashing – that would again go back to the eerie M-Word, then there’s one on Kids these days – too serious for my liking. So the drafts will remain drafts until I decide to publish them.

Remember the first line of this post? That line is significant; my mother of all vacations is around the corner, less than 24hrs to be really precise.

Obviously, I’m at work, but in no mood to work or do anything that’s productive. For the last week or so, this little brain of mine has refused to think about anything else but; snowy peaks, breathtaking sights and the likes.
If you are wondering why I’m creating a hullabaloo about it; there is a reason. This trip to the Mighty Himalayas according to me is a coming of the age sorts of thing. I’ve never really been much of a travel person. I figured out that my life is getting a little too stagnant with little spice. With this came along the trip!
I’ve been planning for a month now – went jogging, bought new stuff. The camera would’ve reached home by now.
The best part of the trip is – it’s self sponsored. When I started working last May, I wanted to do something memorable when I completed one year of working. What can be more befitting than a brilliant trip! 

Sometime after the Parambikulam trek, G mentioned the Himalayas, and I instantly jumped at it.
This very trip I’ve been bragging about is very very close to my heart. It’s a well deserved break; I’ve been working non-stop for a year now. I’ve never been on a vacation for ages now. I’ve sponsored everything for the trip. Not that my folks would not buy it for me; after all they’ve been my official sponsors for 23yrs. I wanted this to be something I’ll remember for a long time to come. Since appa insisted, I let him shell out 10k for the camera :P

It’s going to be a really peaceful vacation because, there’s going to be no internet or mobile connectivity. So, amma won’t be able to shove random profiles under my nose for my “opinion” :P

At 7 today evening, I’ll be out of Chennai! YaaaaaaY!!
That’s about it. There will be no updates on fb like – I’ve reached Manali or OMG Himalayas!!
Hang in there, there won’t be any updates on the blog either :P

I’m sure this post made no sense.

Bye Bye Adi, Amma & Appa; Bye Bye AC & Laptop; Bye Bye Work and Deadlines; Bye Bye Chennai & Heat; Bye Bye everybody! – I won’t be around for another 12days!
PS: Screw you Tamil Matri :D