Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moment of Silence

I’m sure the topic caught you a little off the guard. Wonder why it’s been titled that way? Ok take a wild guess – Just about anything you can possibly think ok. I’m not going to crib about the system and this is not a solemn request to fight either.

Hint: FB Update! – Ok, if you haven’t read it. This one is for you.

I’ve been unbelievably quite since 8PM IST last night, thanks to a Dentist appointment. I jumped over to his clinic last Saturday hoping he’d extract my wisdom tooth which had been in the offing for like 2 months now. He acted like this “I’m the busiest dentist in the whole of Chennai” and asked me to come back on Monday evening. I agree, I should have postponed it by another 4 days, but I still went ahead. (I hear voices calling me the mad woman.)

And since then there has been only **silence**. I've never been this quiet all my life. Even after my double root canal way back in January, I was back to my *talking* self in a matter of 2hrs. But this time around, I’m rather surprised at the magnitude of pain and silence.

I’m sure a lot of you who’ve known me pretty well are rejoicing now. All those happy cheery moments might as well come to an end in another day or two’s time. So, until then you can stay happy, after that it’s going to be Ms Motormouth all over again! Yes, Ms PB Nair and Mrs LV. Your happiness is seriously short lived.

Being quite is not something that comes naturally to me. Like I’ve repeated this a million times and over in this blog; I am what the world calls an overly talkative and loud person. If I’m quiet for more than 20mins; I’m either pissed or sleepy. In either of these cases; I can still rant.

You know what? This silence of mine is pretty unnerving. I’m dying to listen to my voice. I love talking away to glory even when I have a horrible bout of cold. (I think I sound very nice then – Ok, personal opinions)
Since last evening, I’ve been on a writing spree. Now that I can’t talk and even a slight movement of my jaw hurts like crazy. I’ve resorted to writing. So much so that I’ve like wasted 4 sheets of paper in a matter of 12hrs, of which 8 went in sleeping.

All those Dumb-C practice sessions don’t work in situations like this. I tried asking Appa to drop me off at the road end because the roads were damn slushy. The poor man understood nothing of what I was trying to *mime*, so I gave up.

The worst part is – the lovely brother of mine was having the time of  his life, bugging me with his “pesu Anjali pesu” dialogue.

After all this ranting, which amounts to 500 words approx, retribution to the same shall be – ICE CREAM. Say Hi to Hotel Saravana Bhavan’s 20 Ice cream flavours – I’m going to have a hard time choosing a flavour.

Owing to the deluge of questions, here are some FAQs for your clarification
What happened – Wisdom Tooth extraction.
Does it hurt? – No it doesn’t. It feels damn good!
Why aren’t you speaking – Because it hurts?
How long will it take to heal – Honestly, I have no idea. Now don’t say Get idea.
Are you taking medicines – Nah! I’m waiting for a miracle.

PS: Even when I cannot speak, I can still type. My fingers are super active (hyperactive might be a better word). So, if anybody plans to make fun of me – beware. I might just consider spamming your mail boxes or your gtalk windows.
PS1: I couldn't swear at the moron, who splashed *dirty muddy water* on my clothes today.
PS2: I had a strange feeling that a lot of eyes were staring at me while I was digging into my cup of Litchi Ice Cream. I think they caught me flaying my hands in the air, while I was trying to *mime* to a colleague.
PS3: So much for not being able to open my mouth. Now go ahead, and say a nice little prayer for my speedy recovery :P


AM said...

Way to go blabbermouth/bloggerhand! U truly r a rockstar!

AM said...

Ooh ooh, I have been to a couple of Sarvanna Bhavan Immitations, now I m looking forward to visit the authentic one... do accompany me whenever I go there, I mean visit Idli-Sambhar-n-all-other-delicacies-land! Slurrrrrp... :D