Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quirks – Fetish– OCD

All of us have a classic set of quirks. Quirks are sub personality traits, traits are your defining characteristics and OCD is overdoing a few of them.  A common thread that connects all of these is – fetish.  Let’s face it I have a few of them as well, so I might as well pen them down to see how many we score.

Ok, I’ll start with my favorite and worst quirk – I can’t and don’t share chocolates. I’d rather eat it in small portions all myself instead. Here’s a catch; I’m not this mean all the time, I share it with people who are super close to me; like Family and Best Friends. To the rest of the world, sorry people, try again next time.

I love stationary! You name it I love it; starting with funky and nice smelling erasers to sharpeners with lids, mechanical pencils, Pencils with erasers at the back , Stick-on Notes, Classmate and Nightingale Notebooks I love them all! I heart pencils, erasers and notebooks. Yes in that order. Next time you spot a 5’3 girl standing by the stationary aisle glancing lovingly at every item in the display don’t laugh at her.

I’m not a very pink loving person – contrary to popular belief Pink is not my favourite colour. For the record, I have exactly one pink lipstick, one pink wallet and zero pink clothes. I’m more of a colour loving person; purples, blues, greens, yellows and even oranges – I love them all!

I don’t eat a cream biscuit right away; I finish the plain one first and then eat the plain part of the cream part, lick the cream and finish off the biscuit with teeny weeny bites. Talking about food, I peel the skin of green grapes before I pop them in.

I’m an Aquaphile. I drink like 5-6 liters of water a day. I start feeling dehydrated and sick if my daily quota isn’t complete. I don’t need a reason to gulp it down. I count calories like a crazy woman and I freak over every time I cross that 1200 Calories/ day mark. 

I love my feet. Period. I have naturally soft feet thanks to good genes, but I go that extra mile to moisturize them morning and evening religiously.  I have a separate foot cream, I obsess over my feet.  Trust me, you’ll never find my feet with chipped nail polish. I fuss over my skin and hair as well, I hate breakouts on my face and on any of those rare occasions, I apply every single herbal concoction on them to heal them faster. I’m a total skin care addict!

I’m not very fond of anything that’s plain – no vanilla cakes for me please. I enjoy decorating places; even if it’s my desk at work, there HAS to be a personal touch (me loving my job has nothing to do with this =P)

I ruin the last pages of every single notebook I use. I scribble, write down notes in font size 1, or even sign across the page, but the back covering is never left empty. I do that on front covers on occasions when the last page is full.

Off late, my fetish has shifted towards makeup. From a simple Aloe-Vera Gel, Eye liner, Kajal and Lip Balm loving girl, I’ve turned into this full blown makeup addict. I own 6 lipsticks, 2 lip-glosses, 1 lip-conditioner, 1-eye shadow quad, eyeliners in black, blue and green, eye pencils in green and violet, 2-Kajal sticks, pink blush, a set of Makeup Brushes, an Eye-lash Curler and a dozen nail polishes in rainbow colours. The list doesn’t seem to end anywhere.  I’m loving this phase though =D

I guess we’ve reached the end of the tunnel now. I’ll give you the space and time to digest the randomness.

Cheers :)