Friday, October 7, 2011

Dreams Unlimited

Doesn't the title sound like a Bollywood Production House? But this is not about a Bollywood movie and neither is my life like one – Happy Endings. Every time I assume this is a Happy Ending, some random director decides to change the script.

Family, Friends, Well-wishers, Acquaintances, Jealous Junta alike have drilled the same thing into our systems. Analogies of this would be Religion and Fairy tales. Religious preaching uses different tones, different languages, different places to convey the same moral; God is one. In Fairy Tales; good wins over evil.  And the above mentioned junta preaches this; Follow your Dreams.  

Everybody’s favorite question the minute they spot me is; “what do you do?” when I unsuccessfully try to explain what I do for a living, the next question pops up “What do you want to do after this? “. The first part is easy to field, the second one leaves me stumped, LBW, Caught and Bowled, Hit-Wicket and everything else in one question!

It is not the lack of ambition; it is the presence of too many. Sometime back in college, we had taken up this personality test called the Myers Briggs Indicator test and the result was an ENFJ. The results were reasonably accurate.  People, communication and creativity have always been my strong points.

I can write fairly coherent sentences; thus I’d love to be a writer. The love affair with words started back in school when my English teacher started using my compositions and answer scripts as industry benchmarks. I was super proud of myself to say the least; somehow I never took her too seriously. I want to write; Love letters, SOPs, Recommendation Letters, movie reviews, food reviews, Yoga, nutrition, losing weight, creating different looks, mouthwatering recipes.  I enjoy playing around with words and in most cases it comes rather naturally to me.

I want to run and maintain an awesome food blog which serves as a one stop spot for all wonderful recipes on planet earth, vegetarian of course. I want to cook everything from simple vengaya sambar to melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies, from soft, succulent yet crispy aloo tikki to the spongiest chocolate truffle cake and treat my readers to some truly mouthwatering pictures.

I’d like to teach History, English or Marketing and be that teacher who inspires and garners the respect of a bunch of students. If not proper academics; I would love to teacher Special Children. An MSc., in Psychology has been running in my head ever since I visited a school for these children. I was so moved by the dedication of these folks that its spurred on another area of interest in the never ending wish list. I would even love to teach something offbeat and niche like Power Yoga or Tai-Chi; I’d have to master these first.

These were ideas on top off my head and if you still want me to remain loyal to the MBA degree of mine. Then I’d probably opt for something that deals with hardcore marketing; branding, designing marketing strategies, coming up with rib ticking or thought provoking ad campaigns or client servicing.  If not any of these at least something like consumer research and understanding consumer behavior sounds like a great option.

I would want to associate myself with biggest brands and work for the biggest clients. I want to make a difference in whatever I do.  

 “That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!” ~Calvin

Rephrasing Calvin; I don’t want one thing, I want an indelible S.Iyer trademark on anything that I decide do, but I have no idea where to start.  From wanting to be an actress at 4 to a singer at 8 and a journalist at 18; I’ve lost count of the number of roles I’ve wanted to play. I want to be everything; a teacher, singer, famous blogger, a culinary expert, a super-sexy makeup artist. I don’t want to end up being just another Mundane Mortal. I don’t want plain existence; I’m in search of that proverbial calling.

After all this mumbo-jumbo on a sleepless Friday night; you know what I’ll get back to being on Monday morning; A boring, lonely and stupid copy-paste-format Analyst.
 – Amen


Vedha said...

Let us all take inspiration from Nithya - for the famous food blog!!

And Sandy, if you really want to start writing, you need to look at all these websites hiring freelancers. That should get you started. Good luck!! :-)

Arv said...

Dreams are what they are :) but they do have a purpose and we do see them now and then :)

take care...

AM said...

Sandy, you have had a breakthrough! :) Keep dreaming but don't forget there will always be an alarm to wake u up! :P xoxo