Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Little One

Dear A,

When the clock strikes 5.55AM  you will be *gasp* 19! At the cost of sounding super clich├ęd, I seriously can’t believe you are in your last teen year. Amma still reminds me of how I was wailing in that 3rd floor Bangalore apartment screaming *I want a sister and not a brother*. On a second thought and after 19yrs, I have come to the conclusion that you were better off being a boy. I have had my girly fun with you; by dressing you up in my favourite pink frock, I think I fooled a couple of onlookers by telling them that you were Aditi, my sister. Ok, now don’t kill me – your birthday gift is still under my control =P

Next year this time, people will be hounding you with the world’s most redundant questions; what do you plan to do - Work or Study? You want to go to the USA? You are writing CAT or GRE? I’m sure you’ll answer these questions with your trademark sense of humor and twinkle in your eye – Maami, I plan to do an MBBS after this.

If you are still wondering why I’m writing all this – here is my answer. I got this sudden inspiration from the movie kuch kuch hota hai, where Rani Mukherji writes letters for her daughter to be opened on her birthday every year. I know, I’m not Rani Mukherji, our life is not a movie, this is not a letter and you are not my son.

Harping on the first point, I still can’t believe you’ve grown up so fast… It was like yesterday when I was messing around with your toys, carrying you around the house and dropping you at all the odd places, fighting with you over that yellow pen-pencil, taught to ride that bicycle with side-wheels, like I walked to your LKG classroom and checked on you during the recess, dividing that chips packet into two equal parts and wiping them out with sauce, listening to Dil Chahta Hai on the cassette player over and over again until the spool came out!  - I think those were the best days of our lives!

Suddenly you are 5.8’ with that wannabe Surya type gym body and a soul-patch; you’ve become grown up and responsible. You drive me around the place and give me life saving gyaan, when I was supposed to be the older and mature one.

Since this my blog and I’m the supposedly so-called older one, I’ll give you some gyaan based on my experiences with life so far. I’ll try and keep it short – shorter than your Thermodynamics Prof. Promise. Please continue reading ok?

Be serious about your education, student life is bliss and the carefree atmosphere makes it worthwhile. While you are at it, enjoy to the hilt, grab every opportunity that comes your way and give it your best shot – making sure your scores don’t dip.

Take care of Appa and extra for Amma – extra because Appa is very strong, but Amma is not. She needs that extra bit – go out with her once in a while even if it is to a Gita Class or the temple when she has prayed for you. It will make her super happy! She is super sensitive so don’t do anything that will hurt her intentionally – the woman is too fragile to take shocks.

Nothing comes easy in life; take a couple of sensible risks. Failure is a part of the package but don’t let it bog you down.

Have enough space for everybody in your life; there are good ones, bad ones, evil scheming ones and jackasses. You’ll have to deal with the last category more often than not, so build on your patience reserve. Just because there are such random jackasses, doesn’t mean you have to be cold with the world at large. Be yourself and learn to ignore them. Hope that makes sense.

Make clear-cut choices on what you like and don’t like and the same applies to what you want to do. If you think something is not your cuppa, let it go, there are a million other options out there.

Fall in love – it’s ok to get your heartbroken once or reject a couple of proposals.  Yes, you can bring home a karuppi or a veluppi of your choice – seriously! But not both – remember you are not Siddarth from Ayutha Ezhuthu ;)

Develop a hobby or learn something, travel the world, experience new things, play a sport or just about anything that catches your fancy. If you think Photography is your forte – explore the subject and keep learning.  You never know what might come out of it. Don’t shy away from experimenting.

When you decide to make life altering choices; weigh down your pros and cons – take your time, but don’t let the gravity of the situation get to you.

Work for a couple of years before you decide to jump into the post-graduate bandwagon; you get to dabble on different areas before zeroing on your area of interest. This way you'll make better career and subject choices.

When you insist that your shoes are Nike, floaters are Adidas, perfume is Park Avenue and Essilor for your spectacles – don’t settle for a lesser known college or a company; because you truly deserve the very best of everything in this world.

Talking about jobs – give the top companies your best shot. Even if BMW hires exactly 5 people from your college; go for it, because not everybody gets to attend interact with companies of that caliber. If you do make it, then there is nothing better than that! If you don't there's always a better company.

Don’t be in a hurry to quit your first job – a) you will regret that you lost out on opportunities b) always remember, vinashaa kaale vipareetha buddhi.
Don’t let work take a toll on your personal life, at work you are only as good as your last appraisal. The good thing about working is; a certain amount gets credited into your account on the 1st of every month – that’s the end of it. Your real appraisal happens outside work; where people value you for the person you are and the character you possess.

Money can only buy you a DSLR Camera and a brilliant Lens kit, but you need that happiness quotient to find time to take pictures and experiment with it. Spend time with people whom you love and treasure. Invest in relationships and nurture them; these offer the best Return on Investment for the rest of your life.

Dream and dream big! Follow your heart and do whatever you think is right. The best way to make your dreams come true it to Wake-Up! Please don’t lose yourself in the milieu of life – make something happen.
Just live by what your name stands for – be like the sun shining on us through the good and bad times of life and bringing in cheer and spreading happiness wherever you go with whatever you do!

Lots of Love,

Daffy Duck!

PS: I tried to keep it short; I hope you lasted thru 1000 odd words
PS1: I sincerely hope amma doesn’t land on this page.