Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adieu 2011

This post is coming in late by 24hrs thanks to the brilliant efficiency of BSNL’s Broadband Connection.

At the outset I’m very glad that the year is finally drawing to an end. If duality as a concept can be applied to life; 2011 would be it.

Amidst truck loads of epic-fails, bouts of ennui and hordes of shopping, peppered with familial responsibilities; I’ve learnt invaluable lessons that will hold me in good stead for a long time to come.
There have been moments of unbridled joy, exasperation and plain despondency. All along, I lived in the belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I have this weird feeling that somebody actually stole the lantern which was kept at the end. Whoever it is, please return it.

I’ll start with shopping first; the folks at Health & Glow are smiling their way to Bank, because of yours-truly. I’ve always loved make-up, a part of my childhood was spent rummaging thru my Chitti’s stash and years later, I have my own.  Believe me, when I tell you Coral Red Lipstick can actually brighten up your day. And pouting can do even better ;) I gifted myself a sexy diamond nose-ring for my 24th. I went on to purchase Gold, precious stones and Silver for an insane amount. I have no idea what I will do with a Silver Kutti Vilaku.

On the family front; I turned into the cook and the caretaker. Cooking according to me is a great stress-buster; chopping onions and tomatoes like a maniac after a bad day is as good as a chocolate pedicure at the parlour. Coming to the Caretaker part; Amma hurt her head, underwent a surgery and met with an accident all in the same year. Horrible stuff I know! This had me doubling my roles. It takes superhuman effort to keep a family of 4 happy and content. And Amma you are *God*! I did this for half a year and you’ve been doing this for 26yrs; Total Respect!

2011 marked the completion of 19 months of Corporatization. I learnt a lot of things the hard way; appraisals can be quite disheartening, patience and hard work might work in your favour in the long run. Keeping you a tab on your emotions can save you a lot of unwarranted trauma. Most importantly, never mix work and personal life.

The best of the year was truly saved for the last. This might border on bragging; I’d still go ahead and spill the beans. All the savings plans matured themselves into one little piece of land 80kms off Chennai!

Song of the Year – describes my feelings to the T.

PS: On an after-thought I think I should add a disclaimer on my Tam-Matri profile; "Spark Plugs and Zippo are not sold here. If you want Sparks, please set yourself on fire." 
Here's your Spark Ammunition: 

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