Friday, February 17, 2012


I don't know if I have taken up this tag before, it was probably a different version. February looks very empty, so I decided to post it..

Age: Quarter Century this April

Bed Size: 6ft x 3ft

Chores that you hate: House cleaning sessions, washing vessels :-/

Dogs: Thanks! I don’t fancy animals.

Essential start to your day: Piping Hot Filter Kaapi with Milk Bikis. Yes, I roll like that.

Favorite Color: Anything but Browns and Grays.

Gold or Silver: Gold!! I bought gold for a whopping 50k to only keep it in a safe locker in Amma’s Bank. Oh, btw, I like Diamonds and Precious stones better :D

Height: 5 feet 3 inches,

Instruments that you play: If playing around with spoons and plates count – yes I’m a musician!

Job Title: Supposedly so-called Business Analyst – if you know me, you know what I call it.

Kids: None!

Live: Born in Bombay, lived the first few years in Bangalore and then it’s been Chennai ever since

Music: Anything, as long as it doesn’t hurt my ears.

Nicknames: Parents call me Sandhu, Otherwise its Sandy.

Obsessive Compulsion: Too many :P

Pet peeves: I hate waiting, basically very impatient and unsolicited advice pisses me off

Quote: "I’m a born Yo-Yo, the harder you push me down; the faster I’ll bounce back”

Right or left Handed: Right Handed

Siblings: A 19yr old who gives me life saving gyaan

Travel Destinations: Would love to travel the world! Food Journalism was a dream job sometime back :P

Unacceptable: Disrespect, being criticized for no reason and putting me down.

Vegetable(s) you hate: Not too many..

What makes you run late: It's not what, it's who. Amma!! :D

X-Rays you have had: Teeth and teeth and teeth, knees, knees and knees

Yummy food that you make: According to family and friends – anything that I dish out is Yummy! :D

Zodiac: Taurus the Bull

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