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A 2007 Human Resource Development reports that developed countries should cut their carbon emissions by at-least 20-30% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 ; if the Earth has to be saved from the adverse effects of global warming  It says only developed countries , India for one has been on the developing list since time immemorial. I understand your predicament, it says only developed countries , how many more years, I wonder. Let us pause for a while and take things into perspective.
        Humanity is on the verge of facing a series of climatic changes that will wrack havoc on the planet. An entire civilization will be swept in an underwater grave. Flora and fauna find it difficult to cope with the temperature changes. How many of us prefer living underwater ? I DONT! Melting of glaciers, even snowfall has reduced its occurrence and intensity . It doesn't matter to nature if you own a Rolls Royce or a Mercedez because whatever be the brand, pollution is all set to rise.
         In all probability if we need to leave behind traces of life when the world eventually ends, the Air-conditioners,  LCDs,  BMW, i-Phones .. will take center-stage. Combating this problem is indeed very difficult. Humanity stands amidst a grave danger of perishing. Planting trees is the order of the day but deforestation is what happens. It is estimated that if all the ice on Earth melts, about 200 feet of water will be added to the surface of the oceans. Stats show ice has been shrinking 10% per decade since 1980.
        I sincerely hope that the USA does not have plans of setting up underwater industries . You already have the world's oil bank in your custody. Iraq, Libya, UAE are living conquered examples. So when exactly is World Environment Day ? Any guesses ? Google was created for you. Technology has to be thanked for helping man create things he would never have dreamt of. The same technology can be used efficiently to benefit the world.
         We may live in India, Australia or anywhere for that matter, but the world is where we belong. Scientists can only predict that life can exist on Mars, Moon or whatever but we may not see the light of the day. Just wait and watch what happens. We've all read about global warming, carbon emissions , greenhouse gases at-least for those 3 marks in Environmental Science. Have we ever bothered to dig deeper? We've always been waiting for an emotional speech from a leader or a soul stirring article and I hope you've found your way here. 13 year old Severn Suzuki delivered a brilliant speech meant for the leaders of tomorrow at the United Nations Summit in 1992.
         At ground level, my college organized a clean-up drive in and around Coimbatore for which my best friend retorted "Dude, I DON'T PAY 1.6 lacs for cleaning garbage." This sums up the attitude of the world . The impetus is on Attitude Change. I agree its easy to preach , hard to follow. Two hours of power cut in Chennai and people lose their brains. Coimbatore, Trichy and others have close to 11 hours. And where does all this conserved power go? Electricity Board or to the nearest stadium hosting an IPL tournament? Two matches per day , 6 hours of electricity and we're SUCCESSFULLY into the 5TH YEAR! So much for *CRICKETAINMENT* ? Talk about saving ELECTRICITY!
         Wake up India , its high time we pulled up our socks and started moving in the right direction. Birth control ( India has the second largest population* ). We have so much more in hand .Vertical farming , afforestation , having a small garden in your terrace wont do any harm . Every little drop counts. Captain Planet rightly said ; Reuse , Reduce and Recycle. Reducing the use of Chlorofluorocarbons(Google is there for you) and acceptance of methane as a fuel. Not charging your cell-phones after 11 in the night .Using non-conventional forms of energy like solar, wind, hydel power. Embracing Electrically powered vehicles, Car-pooling and using more of public transport, shifting to natural gas from coal will do a world of good to us .We know it all; but sadly, none of us put it to practice. I did sound like some geography teacher but someone always has to open our eyes.
        To all those souls for whom this article created a sense of responsibility, pang of guilt or even an emotional stir in your heart, please practice first and then preach. As far the rest are concerned, please AVOID this, 2004 Tsunami sorely missed you , but hey .. 2012 eagerly awaits you :) Good luck. Your patience is appreciated. 8 years is indeed a long time to wait.

Peace out!

Severn Suzuki's Speech. Please spare 7 minutes of your time, thats all it takes to listen to Kolaveri TWICE :)


priya said...

hey Sandhya,
This is a very enlightening post will surely share it wid frnds n family, TC

supriya kabra said...

hi sandhya.. ur bro is a real thinker nd a good writer too :) nice article and we seriously need to work towards all these issues...