Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buddha Under The Bodhi Tree

It was a busy Monday morning, I was busy packing lunch and helping Amma wrap up kitchen work so that both of us could leave the house by 9 and not get late to work.  Just when I was cleaning the place, she glanced at my bag – a very pretty cloth bag with floral designs on it.

Amma: Why are you carrying that *vegetable shopping* bag to office?
Me: Just like that, I wanted a change.
She thought for a couple of seconds and then said, “If you leave your apartment behind, I’ll give you my new handbag.”
Me: Apartment?
Amma: yeah, all those unnecessary things you carry in your bag, they just add onto extra weight.

I was part listening, part lost in my own world, when she uttered this; “I think you should do the same with your life” It sounded very cryptic and I dint have that kind of mental peace to decipher it.  I brushed it away saying, you seem to reading through a lot of Paulo Coelho Status on Facebook.

I was thinking about it on my way to work and suddenly it made perfect sense; I was carrying excess baggage not only in my bag, but the same applied to my head. There were too many things grabbing my attention at the same time leaving me baffled. I had to learn to let go and get my head sorted.

That’s just once instance. The other day I was telling her that I’ve lost faith in the system, and I don’t really feel positive about my life. The talk veered towards boy-hunting and I told her I had actually lost hope of finding the one. That’s when she asked me if I had read Lochinvar by Sir Walter Scott. According to her interpretation – one fine day there will be a God-Awesome boy who will simply sweep me off my feet and take me away. Her undying optimism is something that I’d like to imbibe and I’m very amazed that she can never really think negative no matter how trying the situation is.

If there’s another piece of advice I’ve received innumerable times over the years is that; the one above us has a plan for all of us. She firmly believes that no matter what happens, one fine day every single piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life would fall into place and it would be picture perfect.

Truth to be told, I live by the same faith.

To Amma, for being my Idol, Rockstar and Goddess! I love Amma and I really wish 25yrs down the line I have a couple of kids who would talk the same way about me. I’d run of out words if I had to write or tell you how much you mean to me. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tale of Two Birthdays

A very satisfying Tamizh New Years had just come to a happy ending. Appa and A had just made it early in the morning just in time for the Puja. I had successfully taken an off from work. Also, my very first attempt at making Paruppu Vadai was a great success. While basking in its glory, I had managed to eat up more than my quota of vadai and payasam. It was now time for a good afternoon siesta, the weekend had just begun.

The next day I was meeting Soms for lunch and I had a shopping trip planned with A later in the evening. After washing down oats noodles and mushroom soup with Maaza and Minute Maid – Apple Flavour, I was set for my next outing with A. We were dead tired at the end of our shopping extravaganza. Dinner was  Bread Channa at a famous Chaat Shop.

What followed Bread Channa on that dreadful Saturday night is not something that I will forget anytime soon. I was up at 2am on a Sunday morning with a sudden urge to throw up. The last time something like this had happened was almost half a decade ago when I had overstuffed myself with Molaga Bajji at Besant Nagar Beach.

This was the beginning of a weeklong exercise; the visits of the washbasin and bathroom did not cease. Amma started her Mission Home Remedies starting with Kanji, Jeera Water and Inji Kashayam. Whatever went in made its way out automatically; trust me even water was not spared. When Amma’s home remedies were declared Epic Fails, Perima decided to send in hers; Black Grapes boiled in water and some kanji made from sabudana. My maid said wash your hair and it was meant to cool my body. She made me swallow black tea with a juice of half a lemon.  Some God sent Angel suggested Arrow Root, which actually gave me much needed respite.

If this wasn’t enough I was subjected to a diatribe on “why I should be the one feeding Amma Multivitamins and not the other way around" by my family doctor.

Monday dawned and I was still clutching my stomach like it would fall out right now. I spent the next two days working from home and the next two days wailing away to glory about my incessant stomach pain. By this time, the news of my stomach infection had spread to my mom’s office. Her branch head wanted me to see a **very good** doctor near their office. I said I’d rather stay put at home.

One of these days during the 2nd week of April was my Star Birthday. Yeah, I celebrate two birthdays in a year. So on that day I was given an allowance of one teaspoon Paal Payasam. I mean, tell me who undergoes so much torture in the name of Stomach Infection / Food Poisoning or whatever you’d like to call it.

Three weeks later, I feel a little better. Little because, every time I think am feeling better, my body decides to prove me otherwise, like a couple of days back when my stomach ache got me throwing up in the rest room after 3days of normalcy. Weird stuff I tell you.
The medicines or the food did not dishearten me; the fact that I couldn’t eat chocolate on my own birthday had me upset for an entire week.
Amma thinks; somebody has cast an evil eye on me, Soms thinks; it’s a serious case of stomach gone awry. But Me thinks: about food all the time.

PS: I had Nutella and Roti last Saturday, that should keep me going for another two weeks.
PS1: For all you folks who wondered if a Stomach Infection can be this sickening, yes it is.
PS2: Thanks to the sick phase of my life, Amma lost 3kilos.
PS3: I did lose a couple of kilos and I’ve learnt to accept liquefied curd rice as heavenly food.

And yeah, this is what it looks like, 75% liquid – 25% rice.

Peace Out