Friday, June 8, 2012

Bye Bye Orangeness

Jillu and I had joined Orangeness together in the fag end of May'10, she was like the first person I spoke to in that huge Conference Room in the 6th floor. We've been friends since then. We share a lot of similarities and am super glad that Orangeness got us together. Almost a month ago we were discussing her then present company, now our ex company. Somewhere along the discussion I had asked to write a Bidding Adieu sort of poem and here's her version. I wrote my own version too, but I'll save it for the last. You may know savour Jillu's version of Orangeness. 


Oh my my…..
It’s that time to say goodbye….
There have been times of low and high….
It would only be a lie….
If I simply say the ride has been a sugary pie….. 

No doubt were u a stepping stone…
That helped me achieve many things on my own…..
But at times… u’ve also made me moan…..
Without any new skills to hone…..

Hey bro….
These 2 years…if I trow…..
Nevertheless I did grow…
From being a rookie to a pro…
These memories I will surely won’t throw….
Bye Bye Orangeness !!! 

 - SR (she still wants to remain anonymous)

So, Jillu, Here's wishing you all the very best for a bright future ahead and the next time you come to Chennai, we are going to Cafe' Chokolade ok?

PS: It's been a week since she joined a fancy Investment Bank in Mumbai !

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