Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holy Cow!

This post was written a while ago, when yet another family had exhibited callous behaviour which set my brains on fire.

Two of my besties got themselves registered on a God-Awesome Matrimonial website. My first reaction when they told me this was to throw my head back in Mogambo style laughter and tell them something as comforting as **Yam petra thunbam, peruga vaiyagam*, grossly translated into; everybody should go through the torture I did.

But they weren’t talking to me for my sarcastic jibes, they were looking for comfort. I know of a lot of friends who’ve registered themselves on Consim India Pvt Ltd’s Matrimonial venture. When the CEO of that company came to MOP Vaishnav to talk us on Entrepreneurship, I along with a bunch of girls broke into the above mentioned laughter saying – who registers on such websites! Like finding a guy whom you like is *that* difficult.  

Little did we know, a few years later we’ll come to realise that finding the right one is tricky business. Am talking about step 1-; that is, finding somebody who is fairly compatible with your sensibilities and vice versa.
Coming back to my friend D, who wanted some gyaan on; what should I talk when I meet the person for the first time. I suddenly felt like Godfather ok? Or in Business terms a Subject Matter Expert. But this is the last subject where I’d like to gain expertise.

I have so many friends who are looking out for prospects that it can easily amount to a little Facebook.
When the eerie M word comes up, all of us have our ears perked up. None of us have any clue about what gets two people going and makes us wonder about how two absolutely unconnected individuals have embarked on a journey of togetherness.  When discussions happen, we figure that all of us, ok almost all of us have the same set of expectations and none of them sound very hard to come by.

What totally beats me is – then why on God-forsaken planet Earth is finding the right one so difficult. When I ask my much married friends about it; they tell me that it just happens. How can it *just happen* is my question? Is it like some Prophecy hidden somewhere in one of those little chambers? Is that why our parents go to temple after temple seeking solace?

I haven’t been able to figure out how it happened in the past. If this is a fool proof process, there should be some Business Case by some Smart-Ass on how this works right? As we girls continued discussing what it feels to get rejected and the works. While the one still remains an elusive prospect.  Truth to be told; none of us are desperate; we are plain freaked out by the process.

I’ve spent countless hours thinking how our parents got married. There were no matrimonial sites then. In all possibility Your Mother and Father would have met each other for the first time and that would have been married say 6 months later. Funnily, they’ve lived happily ever after since then, happily making compromises, accepting each other and being extremely supportive as well.

God only knows how it happened then.

Edited to add: My friend D met the prospect and firmly believes she isn’t the one.
There have been *developments* at my end as well. My folks have strictly advised me to keep my holy trap shut about this case and I’ve been trying my bestest to keep quiet ad not breath a word about it. But I’m still releasing it in small breaths, am too scared to make it too public for the fear of jinxing it though.

So, until then... I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

*Fingers Crossed*


ReneGadE said...

Ha Ha.. Godfather bit just awesome... Godfather giving dates tips wow... LOL

good read...

rock on!!

Unknown said...

HAHA :)...I want to comment a lot...But considering the place , I am leaving Mum :p