Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Review: An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU.

First things first; this is the first book review on this blog. Books have always been an integral part of my growing up and it's a shame that I haven't reviewed any of them till date. But, hey! there's always a beginning and this is it.

An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU’ is a perfect self-help book for I.T. job aspirants.

Author: Toffee (Taufeeq Ahmed)
Genre: Self Help/ Non-Fiction
Publisher: Times Group Books

‘An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU’ is written by a first time author who with a fancy name like Toffee.  It is the story of an brilliant student from School, who joins the Engineering bandwagon and has spent his 4yrs doing everything under the sun. The gravity of the situation strikes him only when he walks into his 4th and final year at college. That's when he pauses to think - What next and starts taking life a lot more seriously, concentrates on all things important and most importantly his placements. The ending is of-course happy when he joins his *Dream Company*. 

Like all corporates he goes through a period of self questioning and asks himself the usual questions like - what am I doing with my life. That's when a light bulb goes out over his head and he decided to write a comprehensive self help book on - How to Crack an Interview for Engineering students.

For starters, I am not an Engineer nor do I work in the IT sector, but I'm aware of placement process in engineering colleges. The minute you step into college, every professor or senior or just about anybody you meet on your way, stresses on the importance of placements. To them, the ultimate goal of the education system is to see you hunched in front of a computer.

The book walks you through the entire rigmarole of placements - starting with preparing for an aptitude tests,  group discussion, technical interviews, HR Interviews and the likes. He goes on to explain all of this in detail and infact focuses on minor details that are seemingly insignificant. More importantly, he even tells you how deal with road-blocks and overcome them successfully.

He has made a genuine to effort actually connect with his target audience, in the chapter about aptitude questions, there are illustrations to help the student better. In the interview chapter he tells you about how to talk, how to present yourself and the kind of questions you can possibly expect. I appreciate the effort.

The writing style is fairly simple, no high-funda language. The tone is very conversational and colloquial. 
The book isn't entirely self-help, it is interspersed with andectodes to keep the readers engaged. The book drag in parts, it could have been crisper actually. 

On the whole, a decent read, you might enjoy the book better if you are a teen. But for me, I wouldn't call it a great read, but it bordered on the lines of an ok-ish read. Honestly speaking, I wasn't mighty impressed.

Perspectives differ and you might like the book too! Do give it a shot if you want a light read that doesn't expect you to work your brains.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ten to One Tag

Another tag, that I found while blog hopping, next another post written long ago - tags are blessings in disguise :D

10 Things I've realized/ 10 realizations

1) Little kids around you are absolute stress busters.

2) Best friends are the closest you can get to having a real family

3) Chocolate is the best comfort food ever!

4) Your parents are your biggest support systems, and arguments and misunderstandings only bring you closer

5) Nothing beats the joy of getting wet in the rains

6) At work you are only as good as your last appraisal

7) Learning to let go of your baggage is the sanest thing to do

8) Happiness, joy and satisfaction come in small packages, enjoy the moment while it lasts!

9) Don't take everything seriously, remember there's much more to life than being morose.

10) Books, Chocolates, Coffee and Hugs

9 things I'm glad about.

1) Best friends and Family!

2) Nephews and Nieces and kids in general

3) Comic Strips - Calvin and Hobbes and Dilbert top the list

4) Cartoons

5) Good food, Dark Chocolate, Filter Kaapi and Amma's hugs :)

6) Chennai winters

7) Music

8) The ability of laugh at situations not matter how stressful they are

9) My laugh - enough said I guess

8 Things I badly wanna (do)

1) Travel around the world!

2) Live in a wonderland like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

3) Break the inertia and do something different

4) Learn to read and write Tamizh

5) Re-learn Carnatic Music and make Meenamma proud!

6) Go Sky Diving and get over with the fear of heights.

7) Be a little less judgemental about people

8) Live in a house with French windows and a huge balcony by the sea shore

7 Things I often tell myself.

1) Being crazy and insane are a part of the gene pool, don't try to manipulate them.

2) You are awesome the way you are! Don't let morons around you make you feel little.

3) It's ok to put down your feel and say no to things you are not comfortable doing. Don't care a rat-ass about people who think you are a loser

4) You can lose all the weight you've gained over the last two years, you can really do it, just put your mind to it.

5) You cannot please everybody around you, so it's really ok to be imperfect.

6) You're an awesome singer, sruthi and talam don't really matter inside the bathroom.

7) Talking to yourself when you are mad at the world at large, doesn't make you insane.

6 people I wanna thank

1) My family; for everything they've showered on me till date.

2) Soms, Neesu and Neelu for being there when it mattered the most; standing by my side when the chips were down, cheering me up through my tears, for making me a stronger person.

3) Gitu, for being the support system through two years of MBA, you got me in touch with the unknown quadrant of the Johari Window.

4) Adi, for being the bestest brother anybody can ask for.

5) The boy, for walking in before I decided to take up full time Sanyas.

6) Me, yes, self love is the first love.

5 things I believe in

1) Amma and her prayers.

2) Happiness is a state of mind, you can choose what suits you the best.

3) There is somebody above all of us protecting us every single minute

4)The world isn't a very bad place to be in, the people around you and your perspectives make all the difference

5) Hugs make it possible.

4 promises

1) I will try and preserve my sense of humor, no matter how stressful the situation is.

2) Will recreate Eat, Pray, Love in my own little way

3)I will keep that childlike happiness alive in me

4) I will respect the people in my life, and will make peace with some people before I die.

3 Confessions

1) I'm shit scared of staying alone

2) Patience is really not my virtue

3) I can be a little too sensitive sometimes

2 things I never wanna do in life

1) Lose contact with people who matter the most. and get so busy that I dont have time for anyone or anything

2) Compromise on my sense of morality.

1 funda I have utmost faith in (Ok, I cheated on this one)

Life can get tough at times, believe in yourself and don't let negativity bog you down. People can be disgusting at times and will also stoop down to the level of screwing up your life, learn to forgive. Lastly, laugh not because you can, because it makes you feel lighter and much better.