Tuesday, December 25, 2012

About Vidyut Jamwal and Other Random Things

Ok, so I disappeared again! After talking about my own little version of Eat-Pray-Love; I haven't really posted anything else, except for a Book Review, if that counts as a personal post.

Yeah, my Eat-Pray-Love started almost two months ago, let's face it, there are only a handful of days for this year to come to an end. If you ask me, what I've been doing; I'll be very honest and tell you, nothing much actually. I wanted to break away from the corporate rigmarole and spend some time doing nothing, absolutely nothing actually. Getting married was only a reason in the real sense.

Over the last couple of months, I've read and re-read a lot of books, I discovered a couple of  good Indian Authors - Ashwin Sanghi's and Tuhin Sinha's books were fairly good reads. I think I should start reviewing these books. Rediscovered Khaled Hosseini, I read the Kite Runner 4yrs ago, and it dint really have much of an impact on me then. I was probably a little too immature to understand the depth of his writing, and when I re-read the book, it gave me a brand new perspective. I picked up Thousand Splendid Suns soon after and in all honesty, they've been my best books in the last two months. Finally came around reading - To Kill a Mockingbird, if you can lay your hands on it, read it and you will not regret it one bit. I'm still considering a library membership. It's been a long time since I stood in the aisle browsing through books. Keep reminding me ok? Ok!

I'm learning to cook by the rule book. Before you raise your eyebrows, I can cook a decent meal, but it's not always traditional cooking. I have passed off Vengaya Sambar with Rasam podi and called it Sambar ok? I'm now trying to cook food the Amma-Way, and the experiments seem to going smoothly for now. That being the case, I want to give cook blogging a fresh and honest attempt and see where it takes me.

This Diwali, I tried my hand at making Mysorepak and Coconut Burfi, and truth to be told, they were melt-in-your-mouth. I know, I should be a little modest. Call it beginners luck or whatever, I devoured like half of what I made.

This was right after Diwali, so the fitness freak in me realised that I had only three months in hand to get back in shape, so I started jogging. I jogged for ten days in a row, after which tragedy struck. One fine Wednesday morning, after I finished like half my round, I tripped on God knows what and sprained my left hand, kinda twisted my ankle and also hurt my knee in the process. Tragic, I know. Don't even get me started on how bloody depressing it is.

So three weeks down the line, when I thought I was a little better I decided to try my luck with jogging again inspite of having a bout of cold. I threw up right on the beach. Sincerity at it's best, I know :P Oh wait, I'm not done yet.

Sometime in early December, I volunteered at a Painting Competition for Special Children conducted by a similar school. It was a life-changing experience, I'll definitely write about it sometime. Watching those children wield their paintbrushes gave me a whole new perspective about life. You need to be in their midst to actually feel it. I might in all probability volunteer more often. I really want to do a course to teaching these children.

I was talking to fellow volunteers who turned out to be college kids, who refused to believe that I was 25 and was getting married early next year, until I told them I dint know who, Mr.Vidyut Jamwal was. I think they slotted me in the aunties group after that. 17yr olds talking about men being hot, edible and the likes gives me a slightly aunty wala feeling. do you feel the same way? I've been through similar experiences like sticking up a 5ft long shirtless Hrithik Roshan poster and drooling over him. But these kids seem to be so far away from what we were.

In the meantime, I experimented with growing my nails, applied blue, yellow and orange nail polish.

I got back to the gym for the millionth time, and I overheard the gym instructor prescribing Fat Burner capsules to a fat guy, and I got inspired to try it out on myself, until a friend talked me right out of it.

Oh well! Before I forget, I'm doing a data analysis project for the School I was talking about. Am starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!

To sum up my Eat-Pray-Love -I jog, gym, cook, read, smile at random people. It's fun really ..!

In reality; I'm having the time of my life!

Peace Out :)


priya said...

Hi! yes I do understand that feeling of being an aunt coz the way the youngsters talk is sumthing we at times never imagined....am use to wearing capris, tess n hig pony so many times am taken to be a college kid dispite my age n when you get into a group n hear 'em oohhhing n aaaahin on things that are so inconsequential one dose get a feeling of beeing an adult...niways nice reading ur post n yeah I too dn't get it the first time "Kite Runner" :) Tc n Merry Christmas, c ya

Medha Natarajan said...

Honestly there's no greater joy than soaking up on joys of life during a career break before marriage. I did the same & I'm really glad for it coz it gave me a lot of time to prepare, relax & of course hyper ventilate in leisure- rather than doing wedding stuff in bits a midst a hectic job. Good job in the cooking department.. i'm tempted to drop by next time when i'm in chennai for a vatthakuzhambu :)

Sandhya Iyer said...

Priya: Thanks a bunch for dropping by! Do keep reading :)

Sandhya Iyer said...

Medha: Finally finally somebody who thinks the way I do.. All these days I've been sick and tired of answering people who think I'm wasting away my life. :D
Like you said, its liberating to hyperventilate in peace than do it at work :)
Next time you are in Chennai, drop me a mail, and you can come over for some chinna vengayam and poondu Vathakozhambu :P *Deal*