Monday, January 14, 2013

13 Things, I will Avoid This Year

This post is for the contest conducted by Chennai Blogger’s Club, in association with Cuponation.
Chennai Bloggers Club, is a group of likeminded bloggers from Chennai, who write about things close to their heart.  It’s quite a fun place to be in, wherein you can interact with people who share the same mindset.

So here are 13 things I will try and avoid doing this year. I’m going to try my best to stand by each of these,

1 I will not procrastinate – ideally the procrastinator in me would have pushed this post to the 19th then  20th and finally given up on posting. So, this year I will not procrastinate and finally forget things.

2 I will not talk until my throat goes dry – this is to give Amma, Adi and my best friends some respite from my incessant chatter.

3 Staying in line with my previous point, I will not talk unnecessarily or say things that could have been avoided. This will save me a lot of trouble and embarrassment later.

4 I will try and stop giggling like school girl and be more lady-like, say cupping my hands over my mouth and laughing very softly. On that note, I will also try and keep my roaring laughter to myself. And if somebody told you deafness runs in my family, you know who is to blame.

5 I will not wait for Amma to prompt me every single time, I will be more proactive, like loading my clothes in the washing machine, washing my coffee tumbler, cleaning the kitchen,  keeping my room clean and most importantly, wear a bindi every time I step out of the house. (I’ve considered tattooing a bindi on my forehead).

6 I will not whisper random things like *Oppa Gangnam staaayle* when somebody is doing something very seriously.

7 I will not sing item numbers on moving vehicles / when am at a friend’s place. Added bonus would be, not dancing shamelessly to these tunes.

8 I will not set alarms anymore. I have never woken up to any of these tones; all I have managed to do is wake up the rest of the family and earn their wrath.  

9 I will not wake up or disturb people when they are sleeping. I have a very strange habit of running my fingers thru their hair or singing into their ears or generally screaming *ezhundru Anjali ezhundru* when they are fast asleep.

10 I will not over analyse and ruminate over things. When I know, something is beyond my control, I’d rather let go of it than hold on to it for dear life.

11 I will not stop being conscious about my health, hair and skin. Sounds very narcissistic, but I’ve realised the value of taking care of myself, and I don’t intend to stop doing it ever.

12 I will not let anybody take advantage of my goodness or kindness. I will also try and maintain a safe distance from folks who can suck the happiness out of my life.

13 Finally, I will not be too busy or unavailable for the people who make my world a better place to be in.  I will not let my zest for living ever diminish.

Thanks a bunch Susan and Gitanjali for reminding me about the contest!

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