Thursday, January 17, 2013

Change of Perspective

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When Amma moved to Madras in 1985, she walked into a completely different place. For somebody who spent 23yrs in a carefree place like Bombay, she was in for what the modern world calls – Culture Shock.  I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like moving in here, because her only connection with Madras was her maternal relatives and she hadn’t really spent a lot of time in this part of the world.  So, every time I asked her, she told me the same thing; everything around me was different, people dressed differently, spoke differently (she has a prominent Palakkad accent, and I have inherited parts of it), nobody spoke English or Hindi, the roads were different, and even the water tasted different.

Once she finished telling me this, I would give her the tightest hug and say, acho pavame! Then she would feed me in with dreams about a wonderful glorious place called Bombay, where; you were free to do anything, you din’t have to pump water from a hand-pump at 2 in the morning, you could bunk college and travel by local trains, Panipuri, tasted like Panipuri, nobody cared about how you dressed or how you spoke, roads were made of concrete and the rains were beautiful. And we would finish this conversation singing – Madras otta Madras, Bombay nalla Bombay.

So while growing up; Bombay was my city of dreams, I always wanted to live in Bombay, go to the school right opposite the colony, travel by local trains, shop from the streets, and eat vada pav and  kala-khatta gola all my life.

You get the picture right? This stuck with me through my formative years in Bangalore and even for half a decade after we moved to Madras. When we moved back to Madras from Bangalore in 1995, yourstruly was in for a shock.  I couldn’t fathom why the house we chose to live in did not have my playmates and not have a garden or a swing.

In the meantime, I was doing my bit of exploring the city, I literally drove a van driver and conductor crazy by making them show me all around, Adyar, Besant Nagar and Indira Nagar in vain to spot the apartment my Perima was staying. And also by bunking Hindu School in class 3, and walking aimlessly through the streets of Indira Nagar not knowing where my house was. That’s when some Good Samaritan spot yourstruly and dropped me back home. (this time I had the address written in my handbook).

My real experiences began when I was enrolled in a stricter school which penalised students for having one little brown spot on a white canvas shoe. The discipline they instilled in me still runs in my blood.  This place was a real eye opener, I spoke English which I enjoyed and also learnt proper Madras-Tamizh. I met a lot of likeminded people, read lots of books, honed my skills and generally grew up. I loved that place and never wanted to leave.

My next life changing experience was one school in the IIT Campus. If I were to describe it one  Madras Tamizh word and get done with –it was plain Galeej. It was all that my previous one was not. This showed me the other side of Chennai city.

So by the time I started college, I was your proper Madras Ponnu, with an unmistakable Tam-brahm twang and a penchant for prim and proper English. I loved everything that was Madras; food, music, language, culture and people (mostly). I started spending more time on the streets than inside classrooms. I was experiencing a whole new wave of change and I quite liked it.

This is when I started feeling for the city, I started bonding more and it felt like home. Bombay suddenly had lost it charm, or atleast diminished by a huge margin. I started feeling more at home; I was one among the Tamizh speaking junta around, I knew the city like the back of my hand. I could recommend places, things to do and be an encyclopaedia in my own right.

Today, 17yrs down the line; I cannot imagine life outside this city. I know that I can be safe at 10 in the night,  a walk on the beach can clear my head, that praying in Ratnagirishwar Kovil can have a burden heaved off my chest, that I can buy a fortune on the streets of T-Nagar, and I can have the best Panipuri in Nungambakkam!

I’ve spent a fair chunk of my life roaming around the streets, soaking up whatever it has to offer and I know that this my city, my home and the only place on planet earth where I will feel comfortable in my own skin without any pretences.

As I finish writing this, I realise that I have to pack my bags and move to a city that’s like 1700Km away from home in exactly 3 months. I’m filled with the same kind of apprehension Amma would have felt 27yrs ago when she was moving to Madras.

Until then, I’ll catch up on the bits I’ve missed out, visit places I’ve loved visiting again, I’ll soak in the unforgiving sun, run on the beach, eat cotton candy and molaga bajji, will swear in chaste Tamizh at as many auto drivers and motorists as possible.

I will carry a part of the city with me and I will look back at it with the fondest memories. I will do what Amma did to me; spin tales about a place that has world’s second longest beach and where you could walk into somebody  you know at every street corner. I really will.

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Clement Williams said...

The city grows on you and will always be home. Cheers!

Destination Infinity said...

Have the best panipuri where in Nungambakkam? I feel that when we move out of a city, we start appreciating certain things that we hitherto did not notice. If you have eaten this Panipuri in Bangalore, you'll admit that the Chennai panipuri's are much better! I missed eating panipuri's when I was in Mumbai. Was concentrating too much on vada pav. You know what, I get this vadapav near my house in Chennai! :) Nicely written. All the best for your new journey.

Destination Infinity

sahi said...

soo nice..... btw 1700 km which place.. :)

Sandhya Iyer said...

Clement Williams: Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you, the city really grows on you.
Destination Infinity: Yeah, there's Panipuri wala right outside this saree shop called Rangoli (I don't know if he's still there). Oh! You must eat Panipuri in Bombay! Go for the roadside guys please :)
Sahi: thanks a bunch! I'm going far far away to Delhi. :-/

mahesh said...

Hi Sandhya,

Nice post :)

So where is your in-lwas place? 1700 kms away - still in India? Mombay / Delhi?


mahesh said...

Great post! So where will your new residence after 3 months be?

Sandhya Iyer said...

Mahesh: Thanks! The boy's family is Chennai based. He works in Delhi.

Meow said...

Am already missing Chennai :( after reading your post i feel like i wanna quit my job, be at home, eat, sleep, blog and roam around.

Meow said...

Am already missing Chennai. When i read you blog, i feel like i wanna quit my job,be at home, eat, sleep, blog, roam and enjoy .

Shashi S said...

Loved your post... I am sure, Delhi will treat you better as Chennai has done for me... I am from Delhi, living in Chennai for decades now... :-)
My blog follows yours in CBC TABLOG ...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Susan Deborah said...

Sandhya, Sandhya, you have to read my post on Chennai. I grew up in Bombay as well and now I'm in Goa after being in Chennai for so long. I could have written this post you know. Ahh, big hugs as you move to Delhi - another capital city. Looks like you have been hopping from capital to capital.

Joy always,

Aravind Kumar B said...

What a post!!! Loved reading how it feels for someone from outside Chennai. BTW you have a very interesting blog header. Super!

vinodvv said...

Well said story, enjoyed it.

John Samuel Raj said...

The ending is powerful when you said you'll carry a part of the city with you. Nice post :)

Unknown said...

hey thats a very encouraging post for someone who has called delhi and singapore home for the past few years and now getting ready to move to chennai...would love to know more!