About Me

A 20-something blogger, supposedly so-called MBA graduate and a professional; who obsesses over grammatically correct English with no spelling mistakes. I have a strange obligation towards misplaced commas and full-stops. I also worry about my dry frizzy hair, weight and clothes that have stopped fitting me.

I spend lot of time day dreaming, building castles in the air about my own version of Eat, Pray, Love and hoping that they’d come true someday. If you don’t see me with a Buddha Smile, I’d either be whipping up something in the kitchen or lazing around with a book in hand and Good-day Biscuits by my side.

I have a thing for everything colourful; like fridge magnets, posters, funky artefacts, fancy handbags, shoes and clothes.

Coffee, Conversations and Chocolates define my life, lipsticks come a close second.

Peace Out

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