Who is Motormouth and what kind of of name is that?

Motormouth is a moniker my close friends bestowed upon me, thanks to my inability to keep my quiet for anything more than 15 minutes.

If you call yourself Motormouth, then why do you write?

Since it is not feasible to talk all the time and also because it is cathartic to pen down my feelings I write as and when I get time. Plus, if you've observed closely none of my posts are anything less than 500 words. So my ability to talk non-stop is directly proportional to how much I write.

Do you actually have a real name?

Yes, I have a name that grossly translates into twilight and no, my folks aren't Twilight fans, also, Twilight wasn't around in the late 1980s.

Then why do you call this place *A Strange Mixture of Sanity & Insanity*?

Just like there are two sides to a coin I have different shades as well. There is this absolutely sane side wherein I can pass off as Ms.Dependable and Ms.Compassionate with strong shoulders you can rest on. When I'm in my sane phase I pass on a lot of life saving gyaan and spread happiness. Now coming to Insanity, that's like the mad woman in me, the one with mood swings and insatiable cravings for chocolate amongst other things.

So lady, what do you write here? 

Its a place where I voice my opinions about aspects that I feel very strongly about. My posts are a melange of emotions and they are written pieces expressing what I felt at the point in time. So, if any of my posts don't go down well with you, you can always comment on them and be heard. But please note, I don't entertain mud slinging and disparaging remarks. It would be my humble request to tone down.

Is the corporate world as mean as you portray it to be?

Honestly speaking, in my case yes. I know of people who have found Nirvana in their workplaces and consider it sacred. While there a lot of them who work quite grudgingly and have made peace with themselves. But there are a percentage of people like me who've been pushed to the corner with no point of return.

Is Boy Hunting really a pain?

Ummm.. Honestly speaking its a yes and a no. Like all things in life Boy Hunting is something each one of  us needs to go through at some point or the other. For one, it puts a lot of things into perspectives in terms of expectations and a lot of life's biggest truths are laid bare in front of you. If you are somebody who has never been through a spot of rejection, matrimony is highly recommended, it will surely and certainty bring you back to Mother Earth.

Ok, you've been blogging for a little more than four years now, why haven't you become rich and famous?

When I started out writing, I was following a lot of blogs too, but the MBA course of mine gave me hardly any time to pursue the fine art of commenting, which leads to a lot of traffic. Also, writing is something that is very close to my heart and I don't really spend enough time publicising it.

I find your blog and your writing style really boring - this is for the skeptics.

I find you boring too, do I even tell you anything about it?

Are you funny in real life too?

I would like to believe that I'm this funny in real life too. As much as I joke around, there is a shade of grey that not many people chance upon. The folks who have chanced upon this side are my bestest of all friends.

Why don't you update this space very often like before?

I would like to blame my work-life balance. There are too many distractions around these days.

What else do you do apart from writing?

I spend a lot of time day-dreaming at the cost of repeating myself. I eat way too many chocolates, thus spending time and money at the Dentists' Clinic on Root Canals, Fillings and Extractions :P I also talk too much and chew brains when am really bored.

Finally, why did you have to put us through so much torture?

Simply said - my place, my rules, you just happened to read it.

Cheers :)

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